The Arrested Stays Silent

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His first encounter with a particular Liyuen Exorcist had left Kliment quite shaken. He prided himself to be a reliable soldier yet, he was still thinking about what the sixth Harbinger threatened a few hours before. Slowly, Kliment turned to a dark building, moving his arms to cross over his chest.

Two fellow Fatui soldiers had their backs leaning against the door and perked up once they noticed a certain Fatui Agent making his way towards the restaurant entrance. They sluggishly stepped to the side and studied how the other man adjusted the mask on his face.

Kliment was face-to-face with a wooden door, sighing uneasily at the burning thought on his mind. He wondered if this level of interrogation was worth it. Was it worth it to storm this humble restaurant in the middle of the night? Would it help bring back his comrade? He wasn't so sure. He was almost scared of an answer.

His doubts flickered in his mind while a decision was slowly closing in on his heels. The wind blew Kliment's blond hair to the side, ruining his slick-back hairstyle and letting all of Teyvat know that he was getting weaker. Even the cold light of the moon was casting a meek shadow by his feet. It seemed like Scaramouche's words were still echoing in his head.

"Still on the missing secretary case aren't you, comrade Kliment?" An agent spoke up almost on the verge of laughing and nudging another soldier next to him.

"Comrade Javert, I did not summon you from your debt collection duty to make fun of Harbinger Scaramouche's orders. Your job is to be quiet and be on the lookout for Millelith guards. Do I make myself clear?"

"I thought that job was yours."

"Change of plans, I am responsible for taking in the accomplice of secretary [Y/N]'s disappearance. You are in charge of the lookout. Now, do I make myself clear?"

The soldiers were ultimately silenced by Kliment's reprimandments, but couldn't help but mutter; "I bet Lieutenant Nikolai would have loved to see you in his place."

"Watch your tone." Kliment's voice rumbled under his mask as he let out a testy scoff. They spoke of him as if he was dead. It seemed like what happened that day seemed to have had a different perspective for other people.

"So what if secretary [Y/N] made her great escape. If I were in command, I would have murdered that traitor. Why are we still continuing to search for her?" Fatui Agent Javert was then silenced once again.

"They were Harbinger Scaramouche's orders, I will say that for the last time. So, get it through that thick skull of yours and do what I tell you to do."

"Power-tripper..." Javert wanted the last word before the door to the Wanmin Restaurant was pushed open.

Kliment and the other soldiers found a girl sitting stiffly against a wooden chair. Her eyes were puffy and fear washed over her features. She saw how the men crowded the doorway, handling the entrance without much precaution.

They simply stood between her and the door.

"I don't know where she is, I swear..."

"We have not asked about her yet."

Xiangling sat upright, rigidly leaning forward to support her tense posture. Her foot bounced anxiously while she chewed on her nail. Every now and then, glancing at and away from the Fatui Agents standing motionless in the dark restaurant.

The usual sparkle in her eyes was long snuffed out, all that was left were empty stares and uneasy blinking. Guoba was the same. The little bear wobbled around, occasionally standing by his owner's side before walking again in another circle.

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