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  Taymor POV Long Beach, California 6:34 AmDay 1

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Taymor POV
Long Beach, California
6:34 Am
Day 1


"You finna be late get yo ass up Tay" Molly yelled through the house they shared.

Taymor groaned, dragging his self out of the bed halfway sleepy.

"Man calm down" Taymor yawned, going into the bathroom.

"Yeah getcha funky ass in the shower" Molly peaked her head in Taymor's room.

Taymor smacked his lip, closing the bathroom door.

"Hurry up Taymor we have to get some to eat before we leave" Molly said through the door.

"You ain't cooking damn near killed me with them spicy ass eggs" Taymor mumbled, turning on the shower.


"This bitch packed like Popeye's when the chicken sandwich dropped" Molly said, walking in the school door's.

"I just wanna eat my foo-" Taymor was cut off when he bumped into a hard body .

"God damn tall ass nigga excuse you" Taymor backed up, picking up his bag.

"You the one who bumped into me so excuse you" The tall male raised his eyebrow, looking down at Taymor.

"Ok now can you move? Like out my way?" Taymor sassed.

"Shorty got an attitude" The male said, before walking away.

"Nicky go here you know that right?" Molly asked, sipping her drink.

"Nah where he at that nigga owe me some money" Taymor looked at Molly.

Molly shrugged, "Well since you new you gotta go to the office to get your paper".

"Do it look like I know where the office at?" Taymor stared at Molly, with a dumb look on his face.

"Turn left and go straight it should be on the right" Molly instructed, walking back to her class.


"My fault I got lost" Taymor huffed, when he got in the classroom.

"It would be nice if you introduce yourself to the class sir" Ms. Novack blinked her long eyelashes.

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