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 Taymor POVLong Beach, California Tuesday, 10:44 Am2nd Hour

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Taymor POV
Long Beach, California
Tuesday, 10:44 Am
2nd Hour


"It's hot as a bitch" Taymor huffed, fanning his self with his book.

"On god" Megan agreed.

"Y'all ain't got no A/C?" Taymor asked Megan who was sitting next to him.

"They stole all them bitches out the windows" Megan laughed.

Taymor groaned, sitting his head on his table.

"Tay? Why they looking over here" Megan whispered, shifting her eyes from Taymor and The two males.

Taymor shrugged, not paying attention only focusing on hot the class room is.


"About time" Taymor sighed, packing his bag and rushing out the door.

"OH FUCK" Taymor yelled after crashing face first into someone's back.

"Yo watch where you going fam" The person said turning around.

"Oh my fault bro" Taymor looked up.

"Damn I can't lie you fine as fuck"  The male stared down at Taymor biting his lip.

"Damn you can't even say yo name first??" Taymor laughed.

"It's Bryson and yours?" Bryson smiled, showing off his diamonds grillz.

"Taymor" The boy replied, slipping out the door.

"Come get my number for you run off" Bryson said, catching up to Taymor.

"Ight" Taymor shrugged, pulling out his phone before handing it over.

"There you go" Bryson flashed him with a toothy smile.


Taymor laughed, putting his phone back in his pocket.

Taymor walked into the lunch room, looking around to see where he can sit, " Damn they table packed" Taymor looked at Molly table watching all the people surround them.

Taymor walked around looking for table to sit at without a lot of people, "YO TAY COME HERE" Taymor snapped his neck to where the voice came from seeing Bryson at a table with at least six males.

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