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 Taymor PovLong Beach, CaliforniaNext week, Wednesday11:45 Am

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
Next week, Wednesday
11:45 Am


Taymor and Bryson had got close over the weekends and Taymor noticed that Bryson was real possessive but never said anything.

Taymor was sitting at Kentrell and Dayvon lunch table have a great conversation with them until he was snatch up by an angry Bryson.

"Yo why the fuck you snatching him like that" Dayvon snapped, getting up from the table.

"He ain't yo boyfriend is he!?" Bryson yelled, making everyone in the lunch room quiet down and bring the attention to them.

"Still don't give you the to put yo fucking hands on him" Kentrell stood up, standing by Dayvon's side.

Taymor didn't say a word, he only had his head down looking at the ground as they went back and forth.

"C'mon Taymor" Bryson pulled Taymor to the exit of the lunch room.

"I wanted to stay though" Taymor spoke up once they got outside of the lunch room.

"I need you right now" Bryson pulled Taymor into a hug, rubbing his lower back.

"You just embarrassed me, you could've have came in there saying you need to talk to me than dragging me out like I'm a dog" Taymor explained to him, feeling embarrassed about what just had happened.

"I know I'm sorry" Bryson kissed Taymor lips a few times before letting him go.

"Why yo lips taste like cherry?" Bryson asked, looking Taymor dead in his eyes.

"My chapstick?" Taymor said in a confused tone.

Bryson just nodded, pulled out his phone, "You tryna go somewhere with me?".

"I have a test after lunch so I can't" Taymor looked at the clock that was hanging above the door.

Bryson looked down noticing the shorts that Taymor had on not paying attention to what the boy was saying, "Where you get them shorts from and why they so short?".

"I didn't wash my clothes yesterday so my friend let me borrow some of her clothes, it looks good I got a lot of compliments" Taymor laughed, pulling the short top down.

"You kinda look like a hoe if you asked me" Bryson shrugged, making Taymor smile drop.

"Well I didn't ask you" Taymor walked away.

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