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 Taymor PovLong Beach, California Same dayDayvon and Kentrell house

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
Same day
Dayvon and Kentrell house


"Damn without me" Dayvon stood at the door as the males pulled away from each other.

"You always ruining something I swear" Kentrell smacked his lips, moving away from Taymor.

"Can I get a kiss too?" Dayvon looked at Taymor who played with his fingers.

"Um yeah I guess" Taymor said, hopping off the bed.

Taymor leaned up, pecking Dayvon lips, which made Dayvon smash their lips together, kissing each other sloppily.

Dayvon added his tongue in as the small boy moaned into his mouth, struggling to keep up with him.

"Damn I'm hard as hell right now" Kentrell blurted out, watching the males tongue each other down.

Dayvon pulled away with a line of spit connected from Taymor's lip to his.

Taymor looked at Dayvon with lust filled eyes, moaning out loud, when something pressed against his back.

"My fault" Kentrell mumbled, kissing and sucking on Taymor's neck making sure he marked him with love bites all over his neck and shoulders.

"You so sexy I swear" Dayvon groaned, before pecking Taymor's lips once again.

Kentrell gripped a hand full of Taymor ass, making the boy moan and lean onto Dayvon who was in front of him.

"Stop baby you making him uncomfortable" Dayvon rubbed Taymor head.

"Can we watch a movie?" Taymor looked up Dayvon, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, Kentrell find a movie real quick ima be back" Dayvon pulled away from Taymor.

Taymor was about to speak when a black and white cat jumped up on the bed spooking him a bit, " This y'all's?".

"Yeah her name Fluffy" Kentrell spoke, as he scrolled through Netflix looking for a movie.

Taymor patted the cat and scratched behind her ears, making her purr'.

"Surprised she ain't attack yo ass yet with her mean ass" Kentrell bucked at the cat, making her jump up.

"You wanna fight or some" Kentrell spat, as the cat walked towards him slowly.

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