My Submissive Professor- 2

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"I want you to keep this on tomorrow sir. I want you to actually be abel to see what you've caused yourself."

So on day 4 of their 5 day week, Gulf decided to level up his game. If this professor thought he was smart, Gulf would prove him wrong.

The next day for class, this determined student wore white, thin, deep V-line T-shirt that gripped his body, and black skinny jeans. This was followed by a black jacket left opened and black shoes.

His hair parted perfectly in the middle with lip oil that emphasized his full plump lips.

In the eyes of other this was a technical bad boy look that perfectly suited him, but to the professor this was pure walking temptation.

And instead of sitting at the back, this time Gulf sat in the 2nd row, on the outer seats. This where the professor usually had the most eye interaction, and he had to walk in Gulfs direction when going from back to front.

The devilish smile on this students face meant he had nothing good in mind and unfortunately for Mew, there was no escaping.

"Professor can you help with this for a second?" Gulf raised his pen in the air as he noticed his professor observing the class from his seat.

Everyone else silently worked on their projects because for those doing the building of the model the night workshop won't be avaliable for the next two days so they can only work during class time.

Gulf on the other hand completed all his work the night before and already submitted it. He wasn't the class president for no reason. He was the class topper.

A heavy sigh fell from his professors lips as he made his way to where he stood.

Sliding over a bit he gave his professor room to stand in order to not block the isle.

"What do you need help with Nong."

"Well professor since im already done and you have nothing to do as everyone else is busy, I thought we could get this conversation done right now because I won't be abel to stay after class today." Gulf spoke in a hushed tone, trying not to disturb the other students.

"Nong this is not an appropriate discussion for class."

"But prof-"

"Nong Gulf. Watch it or you will have to stay after class."

"You do realize that that isn't a threat for me right?"

"It is when you have somewhere else to be after class isn't it?"

"I can always cancel or extend my plans for you prof."


"What? Me what?" Smirking at his teacher Gulf looked him dead in the eyes and said, "I still haven't shown you what you needed to see as I promised yesterday."

"If that's all you had to say Nong, then I'll go back to my seat. You have nothing else to do for this class today so you can leave."

"Thank you teacher. I can see you finally have the courage to look at and exchange words with me. Proud of your accomplishment sir. I'll see you after classs then."

Giving a wink to his professor he moved closer to where Mew stood, opting Mew to take a few steps back and out of his way.

"What are you doing?"

"Just trying to leave professor. Make sure to wait for me after class, Byeee." Winking once again, the professor most troublesome student left.

Class had been done for at least 5 minute and today none of his other students had to stay back to ask questions. So the question here is why is this professor still in class and taking forever to pack his work bag?

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