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All she could feel was pain.

She could not think about anything else but the pain.

Her head buzzed as she sat up. The light was blinding. Eyes darted around the room. She couldn't take a second to adjust, not with the intense burning in her throat. Her instincts were screaming at her to run. She couldn't remember what happened to her. She struggled to even recall her name. There was no time.

She needed to stop the burn. She needed to get somewhere safe.

She started to run from the bed. She didn't even make it three steps before something or someone stopped her in her tracks. She growled. She thrashed around in the arms encasing her. She had to leave this place. Food and safety. She needed food and safety.

"Lily, you have to stop. Calm down." She recognized the deep voice as a wave of calmness seemed to crash over her.

Emmett could feel Lily's muscles relaxing in his grip before they grew taut again. Emmett risked a questioning glance at Jasper. Jasper increased his effort to calm the new vampire.

The moment of calm gave new clarity to Lily. Her mind finally being allowed to catch up with her body. She felt different. She felt strong. There was no more pain radiating from her abdomen. She forced her eyes to focus even as they rapidly tried to take in the new environment. She knew this was her room. She had seen it thousands of times before, but it looks completely new.

Jasper sensed the moment Lily's memories rushed back to her. Deep seated fear and remorse were leaking out of her. She had been completely powerless to stop her attacker. She had made the foolish decision to move. She could have just stayed still and she would have been safe. She had been completely at his mercy.

Her heart sank as he remembered her last conscious moments. She had failed Rose. She hadn't been able to pull through. She wanted to. She never wanted to let the other girl down. Rosalie was the last person she wanted to watch her die.

Lily had told her she loved her.

Rosalie said it back.

Rosalie loved her.

She repaid her by dying.

At least Carlisle had changed her.

Lily would have the opportunity to apologize. A new sense of calm passed her over which had nothing to do with Jasper. She didn't have to leave anymore. There was nothing pulling her away from her love and her family.

She knew what she was. She accepted the fact she was now a vampire. She felt the burn double in her throat. She needed relief.

"Emmett?" She addressed the voice she heard earlier. It wasn't the person she wanted the most, but she trusted him and he was here.

"Yeah, Lily?"

Lily whimpered. The burn wasn't getting any easier to deal with.

"She needs to hunt, Emmett. She's fine."

Lily hated how she whined at the idea as soon as Jasper spoke.

Jasper moved quicking to standing in front of the other two so Lily could focus on him. "We'll take you hunting, but you have to try to listen to us. We should be able to stop you, but it's going to be better if you listen to us. Just try to keep your mind focused."

Lily nodded quickly. To be fair, she would agree to anything as long as it would satisfy her hunger.

Emmett released his hold on the girl and the three vampires made their way quickly out of the house and into the surrounding deep forest.

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