Ch.15: In the Tunnels.

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Song: Everything Stays - Olivia Olson.

Looking up at the sky, the doctor notices that the sun was rising. This was an advantage for them, since many ghouls were photophobic, meaning that their eyes were too sensitive for the sun. Standing next to a building, she kneels down and opens her bag searching inside of it.

"What are you looking for?" 703 stands in front of her looking around to make sure that nobody gets to close to them.

"I'm looking... for this" she stands up holding a pair of sunglasses on her hand "The sun is coming up and I know how sensitive your eyes are" she hands him the sunglasses.

703 grabs them and puts them on look where the sun was coming.


She smiles at him and turns around to keep walking.

"Aren't you tired? We've been walking for hours" he walks next to her.

"A little, but we can rest once we get to the tunnels"

"And how far is that?"

She points at the tall wall that was a couple of blocks in front of them.

"That's the barrier that separates C-City from B-City, once we enter C-City, it'll take us a few minutes to get to the tunnels"

703 looks at the barrier, he notices that it was surrounding the city.

"Where this barrier ends?"

"It doesn't, it's a circle..." she looks at the barrier "Before this... pandemic, this was one big city... eventually they decided to divide the city on three districts, which, then they turned into cities" she explains him "C-City is the most dangerous... the barrier between C-City and the outside world is unstable and ghouls enter into the city constantly..."

703 frowns "That sounds fucked up"

"It is" she nods "B-City's barrier with C-City, is guarded by human guards, sometimes, they can't handle too many ghouls and a couple manage to enter into the city... especially during rainstorms... Then, there is the barrier of B-City and A-City... the wall is controlled by an AI called MIMI... I forgot what it stands for... and so far there wasn't a ghoul that managed to enter into the city but if that happens the most secure building to be is the Laboratory where we live, it's located in the center of the city and it has everything to help us go through the invasion of A-City... is like a citadel but it's more known as S-City"

"And I assume that only the elite class gets to live on the lab..."

"You can say so" she shrugs "You can't buy your way into the lab, you only have to be one of the best in your field... security, engineering, exploration, medicine between others"

They stand in front the barrier seeing the security spot empty.

"What the...?" she mutters "There are supposed to be guards on this side of the border" she walks closer to the spot but 703 grabs her from her waist pulling her back.

A low laugh could be heard from the spot as many infected guards appeared in front of them. Her eyes widens, these ghouls looked different from the regular ones... and they didn't appear to be in a special category like the Ironclad or the Sightless. The skin of the ghouls turned mostly black and it seems that it was melting off their body, their eyes were completely red and blood came out of their mouths like if it was saliva.

"Oh God..." she mutters "I want to open their bodies on my lab table and see what it's inside of them..."

"The fuck is wrong with you?" he frowns and keeps walking back while holding her away from the guards as they approached them slowly. He felt something different from these ghouls.

"Oh, yes, I'm scared but I'm also intrigued" she looks up at him "These seem to be the result of the new variant that is affecting the city..."

"Well, they are not going to live much linger" he puts her behind him and tries to charge against the guards but his doctor grabs him by his shirt.

"703, I don't think a direct attack is the best idea... yes, you are already infected but we don't know anything about the new variant and how they infect others or how they affect the others ghouls so don't touch it"

He groans and looks back at her "What are we supposed to do?"

She takes out her phone and takes a picture of the ghouls "Go around them and leave it to Sveta to deal with" she sends the picture along with a warning to Sveta.

"I can deal with them..." he glares the phone at the mentioning of Sveta.

"I know..." she smiles at him "But I need you more, I can't allow you getting something that I don't know how to deal with... so please, let's go around them for now"

He blushes looking at her eyes and nods "Fine then" he lifts her up from the ground and walks around the ghouls without taking his eyes off them.

They crossed the security spot and entered into C-City without any trouble.

"Where is the entrance of this tunnel?"

"Put me down and I'll guide you to it..."


Rolling her eyes, she points at one alley.

"Over there..."

He walks towards the alley with caution, they saw a couple of Sightless sulking on the dark. They didn't bother him, at least not for now.

"Look..." she points at some vines "Behind those vines there's a door"

He sees the door and gently puts her down on the floor as she opens the door. They enter into the tunnels while she closes the door behind them.

"Where do we rest?"

She laughs a little and turns around looking at him "Follow me..." she turns on a flashlight and walks through the tunnels while looking at the walls.

There was more plants than the last time that she was here. The water that was clear and she could see fishes swimming around, it was a calm place.

"Look..." she walks towards a wall and gently pushes it opening it a little space "In this hidden place, we had a hidden place... because we didn't like interacting with other people" she giggles and enters in the little place as 703 follows her.

"We?" he tilts his head and looks at the little room that had cushions, plants and a little table in the middle.

"...Yes, I used to come here during storms with a friend of mine... it was our safe heaven"

She closes the wall and walks towards a small box pressing a bottom. The room barely light up with the Christmas lights that was hanging around the room.

He takes out his glasses and frowns "I don't like it" he walks around the place.

"Well, it's small but it's special for me" she dust off the cushions and lays down closing her eyes. She was tired, and being here bring her many memories.

"Why is this place special?" he sees little drawings on the wall "It looks pretty standard for me"

"Because he was with me..." she mutters closing her eyes.

He frowns and walks towards her crouching in front of her "Let's keep moving, I don't think that this is a safe place"

"It is, let me rest for an hour"

He groans and sits down next to her. He didn't like the thought of someone else being important to her but he didn't want to bother her any longer.


Opening her eyes, she sees 703 shaking her shoulder.

"It's been an hour already, let's go"

She chuckles and stands up dusting off her clothes.

"Right..." she yawns and stretches walking towards the wall.

"So uhm... this friend of yours is dead, right?" he follows her as she turns off the lights and pushes the wall to leave the little room.

She looks at him for a few seconds before turning around and exiting the place with the experiment behind.

"I guess so" she closes the wall and walks through the tunnels "We parted ways a long time ago..."

He chuckles lowly "Then what makes him special if you didn't see him in a long time?"

"We were a team... I mean, we met other people as well but all of them betrayed us, left us or died... we could only trust each other"

"And yet he left you... he sounds like an idiot"

"He did everything on his will to protect me..." she looks at him "I love him..."

He frowns and grabs her from her shoulders pinning her on the wall.

"You can't do that" he rests his forehead on her "No one else deserves your attention, your care or love... you only have to focus on me... I'm your experiment and you are my doctor, we don't need other person getting on our way. So get over that idiot and concentrate in me... Do you understand?"

She looks at his eyes and starts laughing a little as tears were appearing on the corner of her eyes. His eyes widens and tries to take a step back but before he could separate from her, she pulls him closer to her and cries on his chest.

Standing still for a few second, 703 tries to analyze the situation but he stopped overthinking it and hugs her caressing her head.

"I'm sorry..." he mutters.

"D-Don't worry..." she mutters out as well "I'm actually a little bit happy to have you by my side..."

He smiles a little and kisses her forehead stepping away and holding her hand "Let's go..."


They were standing in the front entrance of the C-City Lab, using her card, they enter into the place. It was a mess inside, there was blood in the walls, the lights were flickering and there was a rotten smell in the air. It was like a horror movie.

She looks at the map in the side of the building and walks towards the director's office. Entering onto the room, there was a light that came from the computer. She approaches the computer and starts searching things related to the recent accident.

"It seems that the samples are locked in the quarantine hall..." her eyes widens as her hands tremble a little "A-And the specimen zero is there as well..."

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