Chapter 7 • Madeline

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

Staring at the ceiling of my room, I let out a sigh feeling lonely, after Seb and I had our moment, he went to his office and I spend the rest of the day with Bella, we basically acted like nothing happen although not a second past without me thinking about him.

I woke up because of a nightmare again, well it's not a nightmare, it was a flashback. I have them but rarely, not all the time thankfully.

Feeling my throat dry, I got up from the bed and walked out of the room heading towards the kitchen, but as I walked past Sebastian's office I noticed that the lights were off and the door closed.

But then I heard footsteps slowly walking away, I followed the voice of the footsteps and popped my head scanning the dark hallway at the far area of the floor we are in.

My eyes met Sebastian's back who was just turned to the right after staring on either side of him to make sure no one is following him, I frown but waited for him to walk so I could follow him.

When I made sure he walked a couple of footsteps away, I walked carefully on my tiptoes to not make any sound until I reached the right side, it was dark and I heard Alejandro saying that nobody is allowed to go there except Seb.

But again, my nosy self got the best of me.

Sebastian's eyes scanned the area one last time before taking out a key from his pocket and opening a thin small door that I barely saw since it was painted in the same color as the walls.

He walks inside and closed the door after him, but thankfully didn't lock it. I waited a couple of minutes before walking towards the door and opening it just a tiny bit to see where did it lead to.

My eyes met very long stairs covered in a red velvet carpet, I closed the door behind me gently not wanting to make any sounds before walking up the stairs on my tiptoes.

I heard the sound of a phone ringing which was Sebastian, I heard a groan before the ringing ended, giving me a sign that he answered.

I continued walking until I reached the end, I didn't know that he had an extra floor, but this floor was so luxurious and well designed. I was shocked by how beautiful it was, to be honest.

I glanced to the area that looked like the living room to see Seb looking so angry and focused on the phone call, "Well do I seem to care about his fucking girlfriend? Kill her I don't care, what I care about is bringing that son of a bitch to me fucking alive" he grits and my eyes widened since I have never seen him like this from the moment I stepped afoot here.

I really needed to move because if he turned around he will immediately see me so I decided to walk through the hallway, as I walked I noticed there were only two doors so I decided to open the first door and enter the room before closing it, not wanting Sebastian to notice that the room got entered.

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