chapter 5

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as i was cleaning the house i stumbled upon an old photo album labeled "izuku and izumi". i opened it up and saw pictures of izuku and izumi as babies playing. and some when they were a little older. then there was a picture of izuku and izumi the morning we were going to go to the quirk doctor. as i kept looking through the pages i only saw izumi in the photos none had izuku in them. i tried to remember doing anything with izuku but i could only remember izumi.

i started crying. the toshinori walked into the room and saw me. he rushed over to me and tried to comfort me. "what's wrong honey" he asked. "i-it's i-izuku we n-neglected him" i managed to say. "what are yo-" he stopped talking as he tried to remember him. he quickly grabbed his phone and called everyone we knew telling them to come over.

after a while everyone got here. enji (he is good here), rei, touya (pro hero dabi), mitsuki, masaru, nezu, grand torino, recovery girl, shota aizawa, hizashi yamada (present mic), and nemuri kayama (midnight). "what's wrong with izuku" enji asked. "w-we n-neglected him" i said. everyone gasped "you did WHAT" aizawa yelled. "we didn't mean too" toshinori said but was then met with a boot to the face by grand torino "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T MEAN TOO" he yelled.

"let's go find him" touya said as he walked towards the staircase. we followed him to a room that had a sign that said izuku on it but it was slightly faded. he opened the door and we saw what could only be described as a crime scene. there was blood on the floor, bloody bandages overflowing the trashcan in the corner. completely destroyed and covered in blood all might merch. an old mattress on the floor in the corner. and a chunk of the wall on the floor that looks like it had been stabbed then torn out of the wall. and a note on an old desk next to the bed.

"it looks like a fucking crime scene in here" enji said. rei and nemuri started crying and for once hizashi wasn't screaming. touya walked up to the piece of wall on the floor and picked it up to look at it. "it looks like something stabbed the wall with something and tried to take it out but took the wall with it" he explained."it looks like he left a note" aizawa said as he grabbed the note off of the side table.

then he started to read it aloud. "dear yagi's, i've had enough of this. i'm running away. each day i would come home covered in blood and have broken bones. today i had a broken leg and both of my arms were broken. do you want to know why that happened. it's because your little angel izumi and her friends would beat me everyday because i was quirkless. i even quit school and started doing online schooling but they still found ways to beat me everyday. i had to do little jobs around the neighborhood so i could pay for my own food and clothes. then you decided to go to america for hero con and didn't bring me with because i didn't want to be a hero when i reality i wanted to be a hero more than anything. then i found your hero costumes under the floor in the kitchen. so i'm running away, and i will be a hero.

goodbye yagi's, hopefully forever

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date: june 3rd"

no one said a thing until hizashi broke the silence "the date that he wrote that was three weeks ago". "HOW COULD YOU LEAVE HIM HOME ALONE FOR TWO WEEKS AND THE NO NOTICE HE WAS GONE FOR A WEEK" grand torino yelled as he kicked toshinori in the gut. "inko and toshinori you will get your pay cut by 80% when you work at UA and izumi, katsuki, katsumi, shoto, and shoka will get their recommendation revoked and when their in UA they will be on thin ice. and when we find them they are going to be in deep trouble" nezu said.


i was in my vigilante costume running across rooftops. it had been quiet that night. and so far in my three weeks of being a vigilante no heroes have seen me apart from the sludge villain incident. i heard something coming up behind me, fast. so i grabbed my survival knife out of it sheath and turned around and swung it at whatever was behind me.

it was a scarf. a scarf i knew only one person has. "hello eraser head" i say. "i'm surprised you noticed me phantom" he says. he looked like he didn't want to deal with me, like he had better things to do. "what's wrong, it looks like you've got better things to do" i say.

"i do, i've got a missing nephew to look for" he says. 'so they finally noticed' i thought. "tell you what. you let me go without any problems and i'll be on the lookout for him. you just have to show me what he looks like" i say. he stopped for a moment as if he was considering the proposal. "fine" he says which surprises me. he holds out a photo and i take it. 

it was a picture of me and izumi on the day of our fourth birthday. "it's about eleven years old but it's the most recent picture we have" he says. "well if this is the most recent picture he must have shit parents. why did he run away". aizawa sat down on the ledge of the roof and i did the same. "yah, his parents we shit. he ran away because he was bullied and neglected for being quirkless" he explains. 

"was this that one girl that i saved during the sludge villain fight" i ask trying to sound clueless. "yes that was his sister, izumi" he says. i stand up and put the survival knife back in it sheath. "well see you later eraserhead, i'll keep an eye out for him" i hand him back the paper before making an explosion and rocketing off into the sky. 

a few hours later after i caused a hostage situation at a bank i was walking in an alleyway when i heard someone running towards me. i turned to see who it was. but then a small six year old girl with pale blue-grey hair and red eyes and a small horn in the upper right side of her head ran into my legs and fell over.

i helped her up and she hugged me and held on like there was no tomorrow. "p-please don't go" she said in barely a whisper. the i noticed the bandages on her arms and legs. 'who would do this to a little girl' i thought. the i heard more steps approaching. i looked up and saw a person that i hoped i wouldn't see in a while. overhaul.

"sorry about my daughter, i'll be taking her back now" he says. i held onto her tighter "why is she covered in bandages, overhaul". "so you've done your research. well she's awfully clumsy". he starts walking away and i notice he's taking off one of his gloves. "come on eri. let's go home" eri notices too and tries to run after him but i don't let her. "y-you'll die" she says.

"eri, come on, NOW" he says starting to get angry. "let her go before you die". "you can try and kill me. but it won't work" i say. "think about what your family would do when the found out you died" he says. i untuck my tail and wrap it around eri so i can hold onto her. i make some mist in my hand and took a page out of the bakugou's book.

 i make some mist in my hand and took a page out of the bakugou's book

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"don't make me think-" the barrel towards him. he makes a bunch of spikes in attempt to stop me but i just blow them up. i set off an explosion in his face "-about those bastards". he was knocked out by the impact of the explosions. i tied him up to a pole and called the police before making an explosion and flying off. i grabbed eri off of my back to check on her mid-flight. she seemed scared by my mask so i took it off. "hey, it's ok. that monster is going to be gone forever now" i say in a soothing voice.

she hugs me even tighter "t-thank you" she started crying. i made some more explosions to keep us in the air but i eventually landed at my apartment window and climbed inside. eri had fallen asleep while we were in the air. i set her down in my bed. i took off my trench coat and layed down on the other side of the bed and fell asleep.



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