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Marinette was exhausted. She spent all night chatting with Luka after a shift at work, studied and did all of her assignments, and now she was back in the last class of the day. She rested her chin on the back of her hand, desperately trying to focus on the lecture but she could barely keep her eyes open.

Adrien noticed her odd behavior, usually she was refreshed and energetic. Or she maybe scribbled a few notes down the professor said to keep in mind. He smiled a little when she began to fall asleep. He wondered why she was so tired. He gently tapped her shoulder and she gasped a little, her eyes widened as she looked at him. He chuckled, "You okay Marinette?" He whispered and she sat back against the seat.

"Yeah... Just a little tired." he nodded, and chuckled when she began to doze off again. But he became stiff when her head rested against his shoulder. His green eyes glanced down at the warm sleeping bluenette, he could feel her slow breathing against his jacket. He gulped and relaxed his shoulders, attempting to make her more comfortable.

Her hand looked lifeless as it hung off the seat, so he smirked and took her cold hand in his, attempting to keep her warm. The professor glanced at him and smiled a little before continuing his lesson. For the first time, Adrien was able to focus in that class.


"Why didn't you wake me up?" Marinette groaned, he was making that stupid smirk again. Stupid attractive prick. "Because you looked so peaceful. Why were you so tired anyway?" The blonde curiously asked. The two currently sat at the college cafe, Adrien offered to buy her a coffee and she couldn't decline.

"I stayed up all night studying, working on assignments and..." She yawned, which he thought was oddly cute. "I had a long shift at work..." She didn't mention Luka, because if she had she knew the blonde would've acted reserved. Her eyes connected with his, and she hoped he didn't notice how terrible she looked that day.

Adrien didn't notice at all, because he thought she looked beautiful like always. "Where do you work, anyway? I never asked." She took a sip of her coffee, licking the cream off her lips. "Lacroix Patissier." He cocked an eyebrow, rather interested. Her thin dainty fingers pressed against the paper cup she held, the lovely aroma of the coffee intoxicating her nose.

"Maybe I'll stop by, princess." The green eyed boy challenged and Marinette rolled her eyes, "You do that, pretty boy. I hope I'm not there." He laughed a little, "You're so mean!" He said playfully and she grinned before taking another sip of her coffee. She didn't know why, but his words made her happy.


"Well... If you're not busy tomorrow, there's a party nearby campus..." Adrien offered when he walked her to her dorm room. She shrugged, "I don't know, Adrien... Parties aren't really my thing." She said while unlocking her dorm room. "Well that's a pity, I'd really love it if you'd go." Marinette furrowed a brow, "How many other girls did you tell that to, pretty boy?"


Adrien shrugged, "Just you, princess." Marinette sighed before opening her door, giving him one last look before she went in. "Fine... Pick me up at six." Adrien seemed surprised, but his green eyes seemed to beam. Marinette frowned, "Oh and if you're late I'm not going." With that she closed the door, and only then did Adrien allow himself to grin.

He walked back to him dorm room with a smile on his face, what was it about Marinette Dupain-Cheng that made him feel so... much? He didn't know, but at the moment he didn't care. He looked at the picture on his nightstand of his mom holding him when he was little and his heart broke into two.

He looked so happy, he was around seven or eight when that picture was taken. And in that smile he held he was missing one of his front teeth, and his mother... His mother just smiled at the camera with such care. Adrien stared at the picture frame, and saw the silhouette of his now unhappy reflection.

He thought about Marinette, and how heartbroken he would feel is he lost her. It scared him. But he didn't know whether to stop his actions now, and pretend to not care. Or fall deeper for her and possibly risk losing her. He set the picture frame back down on his gray night stand, and sighed.

"Mom can you read me a story!" Adrien asked, at the time being around seven years old. He laid in his green paw covered bedsheets, and silky pajamas. "Of course, honey." Emilie smiled and picked out a book from the shelf. She sat at the edge of his bed, her legs crossed and her blonde hair tied in a braid.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She had long silky hair, and beautiful blue eyes. Her skin was light like the sun, and she never told a lie." Adrien smiled, and clutched his covers. "One day she met a boy from town, who worked for his father without a frown."

"He fell in love the moment he saw her, but she couldn't marry him due to her father. 'you must marry a prince' he told his daughter, 'It's just not right!' But the princess wouldn't go down without a fight. The king introduced her to a handsome prince, and she didn't know who to love since."

Adrien giggled, "Of course she's gonna choose the prince. She can't marry a boy from town. He doesn't have what she needs!" Emilie offered her son a small smile. "Love is more complicated than that, Adrien. You can't choose who you love. The heart wants what it wants." Adrien sighed and shrugged, urging her to continue the story.

"She looked at the prince and sighed, 'I'm sorry' she said, 'It's time to say goodbye.' She looked at the towns boy and held her heart, 'I've loved you from the start.'" Emilie closed the book, and Adrien was left with his mouth hanging open. "She chose the boy from town?!"

Emilie chuckled and ran her fingers through his golden locks of silky hair, "One day you'll find your princess, Adrien." She said softly, pressing a small kiss against his forehead and placing the book back where it belonged on the shelf. "Goodnight mom." The blonde said with a yawn, nuzzling his head into his pillow.

Emilie's lips curled into a small smile, "Goodnight, my love." she spoke softly, gently closing the door.

Adrien stared blankly at the white ceiling, why was he thinking about that now? He turned slowly in his bed as he thought about Marinette. He remembered staring at her in awe when she sung at the concert. Her voice was beautiful, and comforting. It oddly reminded him of when his mother would sing to him before bed.

He heard a rough knock on his door, and he frowned before swiftly getting up to open it. He almost winced when he saw the angered woman standing in front of it. Her thin eyebrows knitted together in a frown and she placed her hands on her hips, "Why didn't you call me?" The black haired girl questioned.

What was her name again..?

Adrien rubbed the back of his neck, and shrugged. "I had nothing to say." Her brown eyes went cold, which was unusual seeming brown was naturally a warm and welcoming color. "Nothing to say? You had a lot to say the other night." She proclaimed expectantly. Adrien shrugged, "My bad, it was a mistake."

She seemed to shudder at that, and held the door open when he tried to close it. Pushing him further into his room and firmly pressing her lips against his. Her hands roamed around his chest as he staggered to stand still when she just jumped on him like that. He hastily pushed her away, "Look, I'm not in the mood right now. I'm sorry, but I don't think its gonna work out."

He could see the tears dwelling in her eyes as she frowned, "Fuck you, Adrien." His face went to the side when she slapped him, and he didn't bother to turn to look at her when she left. He didn't feel a particular way about it. It was nothing personal, even though it clearly meant a lot to her, he was so used to it he didn't really care. He hated what he had become...

 He hated what he had become

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