Chapter 8 • Sebastian

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Sebastian Knight

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Sebastian Knight

It's so fucking confusing to her, I know.

I know it's a big shock for Rosa to know about Madeline, and that's why I tried to hide Maddy from her until I trust her enough to be close to her.

And also because Madeline is afraid of people she doesn't know, she is kinda shy with Jandro but that's it. She took 3 months just to stop fearing him.

I let out a sigh closing my eyes and trying to forget about all the things in my head as I wore my black suit jacket. I was on my way to the airport since I have a trip to Spain for my business.

My bags are already at the airport so I just took what I might need when I arrive before walking out of my room and heading towards Mi pequeño angel.

I walked to her room which was pretty far since I wanted no one to notice her, and after a couple of minutes, I stopped in front of her door and opened it gently not wanting to make a sound if she was asleep since she normally sleeps at this time.

I saw that she was laying down on the bed as I heard her soft snores, telling me that she is fast asleep. I smiled at her peaceful face before kissing her forehead and making my lips linger.

"I love you" I whispered before covering her properly with the blanket and kissing her forehead one last time.

Then I walked out of the room heading towards Alejandro's, I checked his room and didn't find him so my first guess is that he was in Bella's room.

I knocked on the door of Bella's room but didn't hear a reply, as I was about to knock again. The door opened revealing Bella with a bowl of chips in her hands, "How can I help you, Sir?" She rolls her eyes at me, groaning since I cut her off from something that looks very important.

"Is Alejandro here?" I asked and she nodded, yelling at Alejandro to get his ass here. Bella then stepped aside revealing a shirtless Alejandro, "Seriously?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"Oh, you are leaving now? Okay I know what you're going to say, look after Maddy...blah blah blah, bring her anything she wants an-" I cut him off by shooting him a glare.

"A scratch, if I just saw a fucking scratch I will tell your mother about you fucking around every night with a different woman" I state since his mother will probably deal with him better than me.

"Fine I understand" he huffs annoyed before slamming the door shut, I rolled my eyes before walking towards my black Lamborghini car driving to the airport.

I got inside and started the car before driving out of the house. My mind was thinking too much since last night, I'm thinking about Rosa, Madeline, my work and my mafia, my enemies, that fucker Matteo and so much more that I didn't sleep last night until I took some pills.

I know that Rosa finding out about Maddy was shocking but I don't regret getting mad at her.

I'm too protective over Madeline because what she went through was enough, I don't know what she specifically went through. But I know that it's worse than anyone could imagine.

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