chapter 6

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i woke up and felt something holding onto to me. i look and see eri clutching my arm in her sleep. i gently take my arm out of her grasp and walk into the kitchen and make some breakfast. i texted alic telling her i wouldn't be able to come it to work today. she said that was fine. i heard someone come out of the other room so i turn around and see eri rubbing her eye.

"w-what's your name mister" she asks as she climbs up into a chair. "my name's izuku but you can call me akino" i say focusing back on breakfast. "could i call you big brother" she asks which catches me off guard. "yah, i guess you can call me big brother". she then makes a tem million watt smile. 'i seriously need to get some glasses" i thought.

i finished cooking breakfast and gave some to eri. all it was, was bacon and eggs but she ate it like it was the best thing on the world. "wow, slow down" i say but she doesn't listen. within seconds she's finished eating. "done" she says happily. i notice she's still wearing the old hospital gown. "how about we get you some new clothes today" i say. "but for now you'll have to wear something else". she follows me back into my room and i go through some of my old clothes of mine. in the end she wore a t-shirt, an all might sweatshirt, jeans, and some pajamas.


we made it to the mall and eri was amazed by everything she saw. it was quite funny to see her reaction to most things. i bought her six shirts, six different types of pants, and four dresses.  "nii-chan, what's your quirk" eri asked when we were sitting down to eat at a cafe. "it's called sinister, it makes me super strong and fast, it also let's me see in the dark, and hear and smell things from far away. i also have some blades on my arms and back and i have a tail. sometimes i can turn into a big lion looking thing. i can also make purple fire but you have to keep that part a secret" i explain. she nods her head as we eat our food. and on the way home we saw endeavor take down a villain and eri was amazed by it.


i got up and made breakfast again for me and eri. "hey eri, do you want to come t work with me today" i ask. "sure" she said bouncing with excitement. i grabbed my phone and called alice.

"hey alice, is it ok if i bring my little sister to work today" i ask.

"YOU HAVE A SISTER, HOW HAVE I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS" she yelled through the phone making me hold it away from my ear.

"she was just adopted the other day, that's why i couldn't come into work yesterday" i explain.

"ok, and yes you can bring her to work"

i hang up and put my phone in my pocket. "well eri, looks like you're able to come to work with me" i say. after breakfast i got her dressed and we walked down to the cafe. along the way i hear a voice i did not want to hear. "come on izumi you've got this". i look at the trashed beach and see toshinori training izumi by having her over trash without her quirk. "nii-chan what are they doing" eri asked. "they're training so she can be a hero" i explain.

"are you a hero" she asks. "no, i'm a vigilante but you can't tell that to anyone" i whisper to her. she nods her head and we continue walking. eventually we make it to the cafe and were instantly bombarded by alice. "OH MY GOSH. SHE'S SO CUTE". i walk in the back and make a coffee for me and aizawa when he gets here and a doughnut for eri. 

i walk back out and perfect timing he's here. i give him his coffee and he pays for it and i give the doughnut to eri. "mister, are you homeless" eri asks him causing me and alice burst out laughing getting a few stares from the other people in the cafe. aizawa on the other hand is not amused. "no i'm not homeless, and who's child is this" he asks.

"that's eri, my little sister" he just hums and takes a sip of his coffee. he looks more dead inside than normal, probably because of phantom, which is me. and also me going missing. we sat there for a few moments until i broke the silence "hey alice, i've been wondering. what's your quirk" i ask.

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