06: childish yet adorable

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irl !

gianna arrives at the sturniolo household with a a bag of target. not knowing how to knock since her two hands were occupied, she tried to knock on the door by using her foot. before she could even kick the door, the middle triplet opened the door.

"he's in his room" he says not looking up from his phone.

before she could even respond to him, she sees a small smile growing on his face. he's probably texting tatum. i mean they're flirting with each other 24/7.

"why are you smiling? are you texting tate?" she asks.

"no. the girl on tiktok that models for the d'amelio sisters's clothing line" he stated getting back in the house.

"wait sierra moon?! like you're texting THE sierra moon?!" she shouts.

"uh yeah?"

"how are you not fangirling?! she's literally THE kendall jenner of influencer's clothing lines" she walks upstairs behind him.

"because i stopped doing that three weeks ago" he says still not looking up his phone.

"THREE WEEKS?! YOU DIDNT TELL ME ANYTHING?!" she yells opening the door to chris's room.

"because i know you'd react like this" he started. "by the way, what's with all the target bags?"

"not of your fucking business matthew" he harshly informed.

"why talk to me like that?" he complained. "wifey back me up" he then puts his arm around gianna's shoulder.

"not on this one sorry" she tells him while making her way to the youngest triplet's bed and placing the target bags on it.

"assholes" he mumbled before walking out of the room.

"so why did i have to buy all of this?" she asked.

"because we're gonna build a fort" he smiled.

childish yet adorable.

gianna doesn't even question her best friend. she just followed his lead. they built the fort in a short matter of time before calling the others to show them.

"so that's what was in the target bags!" matt exclaimed.

the power duo just rolled their eyes before going in their fort. to feel kinda nostalgic, the teen girl decided to put some stuff animals and fairy lights inside the blanket fort.

"what are you guys waiting for?! come in!" the teen girl excitedly said.

the rest of the group did as she said. a couple of hours later, everyone left being only gianna and chris in the fort.

"gigi" he says.


"would you mind if i talk to you about something... you know... relationship wise?" he asked nervous about her answer.

"why would i? i'm literally your best friend, you can tell me everything" she added a fake smile. was she scared that he would talk about a girl that he likes that's not her?

"well there's this girl" he started.

"wow i didn't know" she sarcastically fired back.

he rolled his eyes before continuing.

"she has beautiful brown eyes, a couple of inches shorter than me and has this angelic voice that i can listen to for hours"

she felt her heart shattered into  pieces. how could he talk so wonderfully about a girl that isn't her? she had a million thoughts going threw her head while he talked.

how come he doesn't like me?

i bet she's prettier than me.

am i not right for him?

is he ever going to love me like i do?

shortly after, the brunette boy snapped his fingers together in front of her face to get her attention.

"were you listening?" he asked.

"yeah" she replied.

"so what do you think i should do?"

"maybe try getting to the talking stage with her? it did work when i dated Steven last year" she suggested.

"yeah i'll try that. thank you" he hugged her wrapping his arms around her waist.

"no problem"


normally my chapters are like between 700-1500 words so it's kinda short for this one. but i just wanted to get one today.

tho i'm excited for the next chapter. not gonna spoil anything but i feel y'all are gonna like it too:)

hope u guys loved the chapter and have a SLAYER day/night ❤️


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