14: Visitors

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Although it has been days since my fainting incident it's felt like forever since I've been out of the apartment. Samarie had put me in isolation to keep my sickness from spreading to other staff and the kids, though from what Monty had told me during one of his frequent visits that it didn't help much and that every other day it seemed like a different staff member was getting the nasty little bug and calling out.

I will admit though being doted over by Moon was defiantly a plus on the whole getting sick situation. He would come over every morning before his shift to check up on me, shower me in kisses and hugs before leaving then would pop in after the kids' nap time just to make sure I had eaten. After work more times than not Sunny would join him claiming how lonely he is without company.

Sam had taken the time to swing by earlier in the week after putting me on lock down but was sure to keep plenty of distance even going the length to spray herself down with antiseptic as she was leaving though logical it was hilarious to watch her mentally fight against her will to be a good friend and the absolute hate of sick people. It wasn't a surprise when she turned to a more technological form of support rather than physical visiting.

Mia on the other hand was no where near as cautious as Samarie and formed the habit of practically busting in my front door to visit. It was surprising at how much strength that girl carried. I even had Monty tighten the hinges twice within the past week because of her.

"Guess who~" I rolled my eyes as I flicked on the coffee marker and the front door was flung open slamming against the wall with a loud bang.

Think of the devil and she shall appear.  I chuckled to myself as Mia danced her way to the couch throwing herself over the armrest, the plastic bag she carried in was tossed carelessly onto the coffee table.

Although extremely annoying at first, Mia had somehow not only crawled her way into my apartment but into the category of people I find relatively tolerable. Dare I say even enjoyable at times.

"At this rate Mia, you're going to have to buy me a new door." I complained.

"Please, the only way a queen like myself can enter a room is through dramatic entrance. It's a lifestyle darling."

I snorted back a laugh shaking my head at her as I quietly poured a cup of coffee into my favorite mug and plopping down next to her, I rummaged through her bag of snacks trying to find something of interest.

"Who said those were for you?" Mia gasped in false offense.

"I did." I retorted while pulling out my favorite candy before dramatically ripping it open and shoving it into my mouth dramatically.

That was one thing about Mia, she would never show up empty handed always felt the need to bring something whenever she visited me no matter how much I complained about it, at some point I had just given up and accepted it as part of her strange and quirky personality.

I glanced down at her as she shuffled over to spot on the couch and laid her head on my lap closing her eyes. I fought the urge to shove her off, but I couldn't bring myself too after noticing that the bags under her eyes seemed to be darker than the last time she had visited, and her uniform was disheveled along with her hair which was usually slick back perfectly.

"Hey Mia."


"You doing, ok?" Mia looked up at me, her eyes filled with confusion as one of her perfectly manicured brows rose.

"Whatcha mean?"

"Are you doing ok, you look worn out." I shrugged, simply stating the obvious but of course it was Mia and if dramatic wasn't her middle name, she should really consider getting it changed.

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