ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴇɪɢʜᴛᴇᴇɴ

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You stare down at your now bandaged broken finger after Larsan fixed it for you.

The King refused to have a healer come and heal you after he broke it.

Just because Celestan is still displeased about the argument.

Thankfully, Larsan knows about medicine and fixing broken bones.

"Don't worry, the herbs will help in easing your pain" hearing those comforting words made you smile.

"Thanks for helping me," you say,   causing Larsan to nod at you.

"There is no need to thank me but you owe me an explanation of what happened in the forest"

You shiver upon remembering what happened to you, and Zephyr chasing you

But you start explaining everything to him, which left him speechless and deep in thought.

This is the first time for you to see him thinking about your words so deeply.

Could it be...

"Larsan?" the dark-haired man looks at you, finally snapping out of his trance.

"Do you by any chance know Zephyr?" he quickly replies to your question.

"No, why do you think that I know him?" you shrug.

"You just seemed to zone off when I mentioned his name, so I thought you knew him" you reply.

Larsan licks his lips, smiling at your words.

"Don't worry I would never hide anything from you"

However, that's a lie as Larsan is hiding many secrets from you.

And you are pretty that there is something off about his words.

After all, you decided not to trust anyone on this island after your experience.

But, you won't call him on it.

"Well, thank you again for help but I wish to rest now"

Larsan frowns slightly, disheartening that you are making an excuse for him to leave.

Nevertheless, he won't leave that easily.

"May I kiss you?"

The request surprised you and made you feel shivers up your spine at the same time.

"Yeah, you can kiss me on the cheek-" he cuts you off.

"I want to kiss you on the lips"

"I don't think that's appropriate, Larsan" you confess.

"Don't you like me? And I like you? Where is the problem?"

You lean towards him, looking at him with sympathy.

"I like you like a friend, no, more than a friend, you are like a brother to me, Larsan" the said man stands away from you.

"Have a good rest, you will need it, (Y/n)"


"You are like a brother to me, huh? A brother? after everything I have done?"

The younger man stares at his brother as mumbles angrily to himself.

"Did something happen?" Larsan looks at his brother.

"A lot has happened, Zephyr"        

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