chapter 7

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i shoved the paper with endeavors signature on it in my pocket and created an explosion to blast me into the air. i took a few random turns to throw off any heroes following me but eventually i made it to my apartment window. i climbed through and too off my mask and ran to my room to see eri having a panic attack. i rushed up to her and engulfed her in a hug saying thing to try and get her to calm down. eventually she fell asleep in my arms, and i did to soon after.


i woke up with a sleeping eri in my arms. i still had my vigilante stuff on minus the mask. i put on some normal clothes and make breakfast. a little while later eri came out of the bedroom and ate breakfast. then i remembered i haven't put eri in school yet. "hey eri, how would you like to go to school" i ask.

her face likes up and she nods her head over and over again at mach speeds. i sigh and she rushes off to get dressed. (she wore the dress she wore at the school festival in the anime). it was saturday and that was my day off from the cafe so we had the whole day to ourselves. as we walked around town i was looking on my phone for a good school. eventually we found one and i signed her up for it.

as we were walking down an empty street eri asked me something "could i come with you when you beat up bad guys tonight". i stopped walking. "i don't know eri, you could get hurt" i say as i scratch the back of my head. i look down at her and see she's doing puppy eyes. the one thing i can't resist. i sigh "fine, but i'm going to have to get some stuff first".

she pumped he fist in excitement and whispered "yes" under her breath.  i bought some black cloth and string. i also bought one of those things that let you carry a child on your back or chest. and a kitsune mask and a white sweatshirt. we made our way home and i put on a pre quirk era movie for eri while i worked on adding the new materials to my vigilante costume.

when i finished my costume looked exactly the same apart from the roll of cloth at the bottom of the trench coat that was being held in place. it was there in case i needed to turn into the lion looking thing and hide my appearance. when fully unrolled it was going to be about 52 feet long and the part that was an actual coat would act like a hood.

(i did the math, that's the size of a magnamalo)

when i finished modifying my costume i looked at eri and saw she was watching a movie called starwars and was currently trying to use the force to make an apple on the counter come to her. i chuckled at her and she instantly stopped doing it and went back to watching the movie. i sat down on the couch next to her and watched it with her.


as dusk approached i put on my newly modified vigilante costume along with the child carrier. (i'm calling it that now). i then helped eri put on her new white sweatshirt with a hood that covered her hair and horn. and the kitsune mask, complete with a voice changer that made her sound like C-3PO from starwars because it was one of her favorite charecters. but before we left i put endeavors signature on the counter so i didn't lose it.

(by the way this is what the kitsune mask looks like)

i put eri in the child carrier and jumped out the window

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i put eri in the child carrier and jumped out the window. as we fell eri was laughing but is sounded extremely weird because of the voice changer, and all mine did was make my voice distorted making me sound older but hard to recognise my voice.

i made an explosion launching us back into the air, it also let any hero, villain, thug, or civilian that i was nearby. it most likely scared off any low level villains that don't want to go to jail and eraserhead probably heard it meaning he's on his way to me right now. i land safely on a roof and hear someone sneaking up behind me.

i turn around and see eraserhead who is surprised to see i have eri with me. "who's this" he asks. "this is my little sister, she goes by backtrack" i say. "and i see you changed you vigilante costume, why?" he asks. "it's so nii-chan can use his quirk the best he can when he's fighting a really strong bad guy" eri stated surprising aizawa with the C-3PO voice.

"what is your quirk even" he asks "i know you can make explosions, purple fire, night vision, enhanced reflexes, enhanced agility, enhanced senses, and enhanced speed and strength but what else can you do". i place my hand on my chin and think for a moment "i'll let you figure that out on your own". i then hear a scream that normally wouldn't be heard by a normal human ear. i jump in the air and make a purple explosion, rocketing me into the air in that direction.


i was running late to a meeting at UA and i still haven't gotten my coffee from alice's cafe yet. i walk inside and order a plain black coffee, some tea for nezu, and some pastries. i say goodbye and make my way to UA. by the time i made it to the meeting i was ten minutes late.

i open the door and everyone's head turns and looks at me. "hello aizawa, care to explain why your late" nezu asks. i take a sip of my coffee and place the tea in front of nezu and the box of pastries in the middle of the table "i didn't have my morning coffee yet" i say before sitting down. nezu takes a sip of the tea and he looks like he just had the best thing on the world.

"aizawa where did you get this tea" he asks. "at a cafe down the street. i go there everyday". "ok, now back to what we were talking about. does anyone have any information on the vigilante phantom" nezu asks. i take a sip of the coffee then speak "i ran into him last night and found out some interesting things" i say.

i sip some coffee before i continue. "he had his little sister with him. he said to call her bactrack. she had a kitsune mask on and a voice changer that made her voice sound like C-3PO from the pre quirk era movie starwars, and from her size and the way she talked, she looked to be about 6 or 7 years old. and he also made changes to his vigilante costume, he added a lot of material to the bottom of his coat but it was rolled up. but if it were fully unrolled it would be somewhere around 50 feet long. i asked him why he had added that and his sister said it's so he can use his quirk better when he's fighting a strong villain. i also have a recording of the encounter" i say as i pass a thumb drive to nezu.

he plugs it into a computer and a holographic projector pops up in the middle of the table and we watched the conversation i had with phantom. when the video ends the projector goes away. "so what do we know about this guy's quirk or quirks" present mic or hizashi asks. nezu pulls out a few sheets of paper from his desk and puts it on the table.

"as far as we know he can make purple fire and explosion, and has night vision, enhanced speed, strength, flexibility, agility, and immunity to his own fire and explosions. and there is still much more he can probably do because adding 50 feet of material to a costume would only slow a person down not help them so i'm assuming he has some sort of transformation ability" he says. no one says anything 'how can one person have so many abilities' i think.

"if each of those abilities is a quirk we could be dealing with him again" toshinori says making most of us look at him. "why would a vigilante work with all for one and then betray him, when he probably doesn't even know who all for one is" vlad king ways. i hear a ding from nezu's computer and he checks it. when he reads the email he looks shocked "well it seems that our vigilante was listening in out conversation" he say shocking most of us.

"what did he say" inko says. "well he says all of his abilities are from one quirk, and that he knows who all for one is". the computer dings again. nezu reads the email. this time looking more surprised than before "h-he also said and i quote 'i also know about ass mights quirk one for all, and that it can be given to another person' and he also said that he knows who has it right now" nezu reads aloud the email. most of us shocked because only the people in this room and a few others know about all mights quirk and what it does. nezu's computer dings again.

"well would you look at that" he says "he would like to play a game of chess against me"



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