Chapter 10 • Gowd Night

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

Shit shit shit and fucking shit.

Madeline immediately run back inside the kitchen and I stood still. Not wanting to push her away more, she stood there in the corner as her hands held her shirt tightly.

"I-I was hungry, I'm s-sorry. I p-promise I won't take it a-again" she hugged her knees into her chest as her eyes closed shut like she was waiting for me to come and hit her or hurt her.

I gently kneeled down and took the chocolate bar off the floor before taking slow steps towards her, "It's okay, you can eat whatever you want" I stopped when I was not so close, but close enough to place the chocolate bar next to her before taking a seat on the floor, a bit far so I don't scare her away.

She still didn't look up or move her face, instead. She shoved her face inside her shirt to cover her face from me, "The chocolate is next to you, it's okay I am Dada's friend" what the hell are you saying, Rosa.

At the mention of her 'Dada', she started to take her head out and her crystal blue eyes fell on the chocolate bar next to her. Her small shaky hand took it as her eyes looked up to mine for less than a second, as if she was asking for my permission, "Take it, it's okay" I spoke in a soft low voice and she took the chocolate bar.

"My name is Rosa, what's yours?" I asked as I stood up and let me tell you, that was a big mistake.

"No, please don't!" Madeline threw the chocolate bar as she cover herself with her hands. Don't cry Rosa, don't fucking cry.

"I won't hurt you, I will just cook some dinner, okay?" I talked slowly, in the most gentle tone and Madeline pushed herself against the cold corner more.

"Do you want to set on the stool and eat your chocolate?" I asked but all Maddy did is hug herself with her small shaky and surely cold hands.

I decided to not stress her any further, so I started to cook some Alfredo pasta for me and Madeline, I will try to let her eat with me, maybe she will stop being afraid of me.

Let's just hope everything we need is here.

I checked and thankfully we have everything we need, Madeline was setting in the far corner eating her chocolate bar away from me and from the corner of my eye, I could see her shaking and studying my moves like she was preparing herself. Expecting me to hurt her at any second.

I started boiling some water and adding some salt and oil to it before putting the pasta, and as I waited for the pasta to be done I started doing the sauce.

And as I started doing it, I saw Maddy throwing the chocolate bar in the garbage when she was done before running away back to her room.

I sigh knowing that this girl surely suffered too much at such a young age, I decided to continue cooking and after that, I will try to let her know that I'm not a threat to her.

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