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Daddy kept on looking over at me from the kitchen

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Daddy kept on looking over at me from the kitchen. I looked around me frantically, did I do something bad? Stuffies are all out away. No food for Dukey to get. Im all good. Wait... I got panties on, all good.

Then he finally came over to me and sat down next to me, I quickly climbed onto his lap. He put his hand on my bum making my cheeks go warm and a small smile appear on my lips. I love when he touches there.

"So, baby." He said.

"So, daddy." I said.

"I have been invited to a dinner tonight with a nice man, and you have too. Would you like to come with daddy?"

I gasped. "Yes please!" I said with a little gasp. I got invited?! Yay!

"Calm down silly girl. Daddy didn't even say who yet."

"Who who?" I said with more bounces.

"It's your father, princess." My bounces stopped. "Last week he saw you in my office, and he would like to talk and catch up. That's all."

"O- oh." I mumbled and looked down between us. "Okay. You said he was nice?"

"He's always been very nice with me. He gives me great business and from time to time has little conversation with a few other littles." He explained. "And he said he came into town to visit you."

"He did?!" I gasped. "Oh my goodness!"

"Does that make you feel a little better baby?" He chuckled a little and I nodded yes with a smile. "Good. Now, let's go pick out what you're gonna wear tonight."



Later on, I sat in the passenger next to daddy, criss crossed on the seat with a paci in my mouth and Skittles on my lap. I had my hair curled (Gracie came over and helped me get ready) and a black dress on (also Gracie's) daddy put black high heels in the back seat for me to put on when we get there.

I looked out the window seeing daddy pulling up to the restaurant he owned. We've been here a few times and I've met the staff. They're super nice.

"Okay princess, I'm going to park around back so I can get your last touches on." He said and I nodded. He pulled around the back of the nice building and turned off the car. "Paci." He put his hand out and I spit it out in his palm. "Good girl. Unbuckle." He said as he got out. I did that as he grabbed my heels then opened the door for me and I turned sideways. He crouched down and slid on my shoes then helped me up to my feet.

"Can I please bring Skittles with me daddy?" I asked.

"Sure baby, since you asked so nicely." I smiled big as I hugged my teddy to my chest. He took my hand and led me through the back door to the restaurant.

We even have our own little corner in the restaurant away from others. We're special. Well, I mean, we're always special here because daddy owns it.

"Hi Sof!" Malakai, one of the servers said to me once I sat down. "Is that your stuffed animal?" I nodded. "What's its name?"

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