Chapter 36

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Hi guys, sorry for being M.I.A, a lot has been happening in my life and I had to make some sacrifices to get all my ducks in a row. Hope you understand ♥️ But anyway, here's another chapter for you.

Previous chapter recap:

Jessica is home with her family and helping Xavior and Kyle find Victoria. Kyle and Jessica seems to be getting closer and sparks might be flying between them. Victoria found a button on her pendent and realized it was a tracker and now Xavior will be able to find her and save her.

~Victoria's POV

Excitement bubbles inside me as I realize that I might get out of this hell hole after all. However, the pendant cannot stop its blinking and if Jackson sees it, he'll definitely know what's going on.

I carefully take off the pendent and start looking around for a place to hide it. I think of hiding it under my pillow, but there's a maid that cleans the room so she'll definitely find it there. An idea pops into my head and I speed walk to the bathroom.

I go through the cabinet underneath the sink and start scratching around. I finally find what I'm looking for and take it out. I hid the pendant in the tissue box and tuck it back into the cabinet, but placing some towels in front of it to keep it well hidden.

I get up and take a quick look in the mirror, I start to smile as I come to the realization that I might see Xavior again. I end up showering to get ready for bed as it is extremely late in the night. I think back to all of the events that happened: seeing Xavior brutally murdering people and enjoying it, having found the tracker or my many intimate moments with Jackson.

I rinse all my troubles away with the hot water from the shower that steams up the bathroom, blurring my vision. I step out into the cold air and wrap the towel around my body. I walk out, but freeze when I see something on my bed.

My heart starts racing at the realization that someone was in my room. I take cautious steps towards the end of the bed and see a tiny note folded in half.

It doesn't say who it is from so I open it and take a quick glance around the room to make sure I'm alone. The message spikes my curiosity and anger as the note came from none other than Jackson himself.

"I'm sorry again for scaring you like that. To prove that I'm not the monster your lover is, I have prepared a special breakfast for tomorrow morning at 8 a.m."

Curiosity over powers my anger as I wonder what he means by it, but the thought still lingers at the back of my mind that this man was in my room when I was at my most vulnerable.

I quickly get dressed into my pj's and walk to the door to make sure it is locked. After checking, I hop into bed and try to calm myself down to get at least get a couple of hours of sleep.

I toss and turn, but I cannot fall asleep. I start thinking about Amber and I start to question if I should tell her that Xavior is going to come get us.

I try to move but the tiredness grips my body and glues me to the bed. I succumb to the bliss and end up deep in slumber.

~Xavior's POV

The living room is filled with charles' and my men. We're currently discussing the plan to attack Jackson, but my mind keeps wondering to what the psycho is doing to my girl.

My fist clench as I picture him torturing her or playing his sick mind games to break her down. No, my Victoria is stronger than that. She is more than capable of handling herself.

I recite those thoughts to help put my mind at ease. It is late and I'm pretty worn out, but I try again to focus on the plan.

We begin the strategic planning and after a hard look and making sure this battle is at our advantage, we call it a night. I wait for everyone to be dismissed before I head upstairs to sleep, but Charles pulls me to the side and asks if he can have a word with me.

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