Chapter 11 • Picture

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Alejandro Rivera

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Alejandro Rivera

Okay so my death might be in the next two days or less, so please pray for me.

I didn't fucking check if Maddy ate dinner, thanks to the woman that's eating the third bowl of chips as she watched the movie.

Get your ass up right now Alejandro before Seb fuck you up-scratch that, your Mama will fuck you up.

Fine, shut your mouth.

"I will call Sebastian and come back" I state to Bella who snapped her head towards me looking at me with her hazel eyes, "Okay" she shrugged and continued watching the movie.

I walked out of the room normally but the moment I closed the door I started fucking running to Madeline's room. I think I met the best woman for me right now and the last thing I want is my Mama to bet my ass and force me to marry her friend's daughter.

When I reached in front of Madeline's door, I opened it gently not wanting to make a sudden sound because I know she is kinda scared.

But a gasp slips past my lips when my eyes fell on a figure laying down on her bed, I immediately took out my gun and walk slowly until I saw that it was Rosa.

They were both laying down sleeping, Rosa had her arms wrapped around Madeline, I couldn't freak out more because I have no idea if Madeline knows about Rosa sleeping next to her or not.

But they were literally so fucking cute so I took out my phone and took a picture of them, and when I finished taking the photo I shook Rosa by her shoulder, whispering her name softly not wanting to wake Maddy up.

Rosa's body tensed before she flinched and open her eyes, she saw it was me so she closed her eyes taking a couple of deep breaths.

"What the fuck is it? Can't you let a woman have her beauty sleep asshole?" Okay, number one. Women can be so dangerous when they first wake up. Noted.

"First of all, how did you come here? Second of all, why are you sleeping here? And third of all, does that girl knows that you are here?" I asked again, whispering.

"First of all, with my fucking legs. Second of all, because we were waiting for your ass. Third of all, yes she does, anything else?" She raises her eyebrows and returned to her old position, wrapping her arm around Madeline.

"Rosa I'm not joking this time, if that girl woke up and found you next to her she wi-" she cut me off, "I know Ale, I know" she whispered looking at Maddy with glossy eyes.

Ale? It makes sense that she and Bella are cousins because she called me that too.

"So, what happened?" I also took a seat on the edge of the bed, "I was going to the kitchen to cook for me some dinner and she was there, when she saw me she started freaking out and crying, burying herself in the corner of the floor-" she released a sad sigh before continuing, "-then, she ran back here and I wanted her to know that I would never hurt her, so I decided to bring her some pasta here and at first, she didn't eat it but after a while, she asked me to come and help, and she slowly started excepting me, I guess" she shrugged looking at Maddy with a loving smile.

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