chapter 8

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it was my break time and i had put a bug on aizawa so i could listen in on their meeting meeting about phantom, who is me. i was playing my fifth game of chess against nezu, the other four games i won all of them. which was surprising to be honest. eri was at school and business was slow at the cafe so i had a lot of free time. i thought about stopping by dagobah beach after work when hopefully izumi and toshinori weren't training so i could make some gadgets to prepare so the support course exam. i heard the bell on the door ring. "hello, what would you like to order" i say. i look up from my phone and see people i didn't want to see.


me and my friends walked into a friendly looking cafe. "hello, what would you like to order" a guy behind the register asks. i look to see who it is. it was a boy about our age who had dark purple hair a little shorter than uncle aizawa's with a little bit of green at the tips. his eyes were all black but the iris's were a light blue color. and he had a tail with a spear like tip.

"we'll get 5 strawberry banana smoothies" i order. the guy put our order in and goes into the back. he comes back out a little later with our smoothies. "that'll be 1600 yen" he says. i hand him the money and take our smoothies. we go and take a seat and start drinking the smoothies. we all take a sip and look at eachother. "these are fucking amazing" katsuki was the first to say which surprised us.

i hear the bell on the door ring. "hello, what would you like to order" i look to see who walked in. i turn around and see the guy ordering pull a gun on the cashier "I'LL TAKE ALL THE MONEY IN THE REGISTER". we got ready to attack him but the cashier motioned to us no not attack. "sir that isn't on the menu". i looked around and noticed everyone just kept doing what they were doing like this has happened before.

"STOP MESSING AROUND AND GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY OR I'LL SHOOT" the guy yells. the cashier still stayed calm. i see a lady come out of the kitchen and then realise what was going on. the guy points the gun at her. "NOW GIVE ME THE MONEY OR SHE GETS SHOT" he yells. "sir i would advise against that" the cashier says. "WHAT AR-" he was cut off by the cashier jumping over the counter and roundhouse kicking the him in the face launching his across the room.

the cashier ran up to to the guy and slammed his head against the wall. the guy raised his hand that had the gun up to shoot him but it was pinned to the wall by the cashiers tail that had changed into a trident like shape. the lady grabbed her phone and called the police. a few minutes later they arrived and took away the robber.

the cashire walked up to a blackboard and added a tally mark on it. then i realised how many marks were on there. i counted all of them, in total there were fifteen. everyone acted like nothing happened at all. "that guy's got some serious power" shoka said. "do you think he's going to UA" shoto asks. "let's ask him" katsumi suggests.

we walk up to him and i ask him "are you going to UA". "yes i'm going to be in the support course" he says which surprises us. "d-don't you want to be a hero" i ask. "i have no interest in being a hero" he says before walking off. 


i got to leave the cafe early and eri was still at school so i went to dagobah beach to try and make something. i looked through the piles of junk for a while until a came across an old blade. i took the blade and a metal pole and put them next to each other. i looked around to make sure no one was around before a make a small purple flame on the tip of my finger and welded the two together. when i was finished i picked it up to admire my work.

 when i was finished i picked it up to admire my work

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it wasn't anything mechanical but it was a start. i did my best to hide it and i ran to my apartment. i put the scythe in my closet and went to pick up eri from school.


after i put eri to bed and put on my vigilante stuff and hid my scythe beneath my trench coat. i jumped out my window and made an explosion at blast me off. i run around for a bit until i hear an explosion. i blast off in that direction making it there in about 30 seconds. i land on a rooftop and see some heroes struggling with a villain with a mutant type quirk that made him big and gave him some metal plating over his skin. some of the heroes being eraserhead, present mic, snipe, and ectoplasm.

i jump into the shadow of a street light and eraserhead is the first to notice the small purple flames. "WE GOT BACK UP" he yells. i walk out of the shadow carrying my new scythe that had flames covering the blade. "you guys can take a little brake while i take care of this" i say as i start spinning the scythe in my right hand. 

i made some explosions behind the blade making it spin even faster. at this point i the blade just looked like a wheel of purple flames. i jumped up into the air at the villain with the scythe still spinning. i brought the blade down on the villains head but it didn't stab him. the impact of the blade was so strong that it shook the ground making some of the heroes stumble back a little bit. luckley the villain was knocked unconscious from the hit.

the villains body went limp and fell to the ground with me standing on his head. "so, how are you guys doing" i ask. aizawa was the first to walk up to me "phantom we're going to have to bring you in" he launches his capture scarf at me which catches me off guard and wraps around me.

he pulls me up close to him "no we get to see who you are" he said as his hand came closer to my mask. i grab my survival knife out of my pocket and front flip forward cutting his capture weapon. he turns around as see's me with his phone in my hand. i quickly add the contact on my burner phone into a group chat with the UA staff and some heroes before giving it back to him.

"see you later eraserhead" i say before rocketing off into the night. i stopped a few more crime that night before returning home. i took off all of my vigilante stuff and checked the group chat i added myself too.


vampire: ok, who added phantom to the chat

sleep deprived: he took my phone and added himself

how are you guys doing :phantom

loud bird: i'm going good little listener

GOD: i'm doing quite well

medic: what did i say about texting at night. go to bed NOW

everyone has gone offline

i shut off my phone and went to sleep 'i should try and make more things for the entrance exam' i thought before falling asleep.



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