Chapter 21 • I'm yours

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Rosa King

My back got slammed against the door of Sebastian's room after he locked the door, his lips connected with my neck and I whimpered when his teeth skimmed my sweet spot.

His hands slide under my top letting his fingers caress my skin as I moaned at the feeling of his cold rings sending goosebumps all over my body.

Seb's lips sucked my neck before moving down to my collarbone, my hands were about to grab his hair but he stopped me by pinning them against the door over my head.

He kept teasing me by roaming his hands over my body and kissing my neck making me clench my thighs, but I got stopped when he pressed his knee against my core.

"Shit" I moaned when he started moving his knee against me in a circular motion, my hands curled into fists as I bite my bottom lip to contain my sounds.

He is teasing me and the ache in between my legs was getting only worse, "Just fuck me already" I whined releasing my hands from his hold, "Look who is the whore now" Seb smirked, of course, he wanted to get these words out of me.

He sends me a teasing smirk and my eyes narrow, "You better fuck me or I will find someone el-" I cut myself off whimpering when Seb grabbed my ass giving it a harsh squeeze and skimming my neck with his teeth making sure to leave a mark.

"Let's shut that mouth of yours now, yeah?" He whispers against my neck before picking me up and I wrapped my legs around his torso as he walked towards the bed.

Sebastian placed my body on the bed and his lips didn't leave my neck, "Seb" I moaned when he sucked my sweet spot harshly, his hand slowly went down towards my shorts as he grabbed them, "Do you want this Rose?" He asked as his hot breath hit my collarbone.

"Yes, I do" I agreed and moaned when Sebastian's teeth skimmed my skin, he started spreading kisses from my neck slowly moving down to the valley of my breasts.

"Lift your hips for me Hermosa" Sebastian whispered and I immediately obeyed him, lifting my hips up so he could slide my shorts along with my underwear down.

My hands went towards his white dress shirt as I ripped it apart. Some of the buttons flew falling to the ground but we didn't care. His hands went towards my top as he ripped it apart, I arched my back so he could unbuckle my bra and he did just as I thought as my hand threw his shirt away after ripping it apart.

"Oh, God-Seb" I moaned when Sebastian took one of my hard nipples into his mouth sucking it as my hands tugged his black hair. A whimper escape my lips when his teeth skimmed my nipple.

"You are so wet Rosa" Sebastian groaned at me as his fingers brushed against my wet core, "Only for yo-Fuck" I was cut off by a small cry when Sebastian pushed two of his fingers into me without any warning.

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