chapter 9

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during the past week i was making gadgets out of the piles of junk at the beach staying away from izumi and toshinori. while i was doing that i met mei hatsume who was also trying to be in the UA support course. also she doesn't know that i'm phantom. izumi and her group started coming by the cafe more which i hated but i tried to not let it show.

right now i was sitting on the edge of a building waiting for something interesting to happen until i hear footsteps that i knew only one person could make. i turn around and see uncle aizawa and uncle nezu who is on aizawa's shoulder. "hello there"

"general kenobi"


"hello aizawa and nezu" i say dramatically bowing. aizawa sighs at me. "how are you going today phantom" nezu asks hoping off of aizawa. "i'm doing fine but nothing interesting is happening tonight so it's boring" i explain. "well phantom i have an offer for you" he says. "what is it"

"if you quit doing vigilante work i could clear your history of it and give you a hero license" he explains. "nah, i'd rather go to UA just like everyone else, i'm not even older than the first years" i say surprising because they thought i was older. "w-wait, your old enough to got to UA, what's a kid like you doing vigilante work" aizawa asks.

"i didn't want the things that happened to me to happen to anybody else" i explain. "what were some of the things that happened to you" nezu asked. "abuse, bullied, and neglected all for having a 'villainous' quirk" i half lie.

nezu was about to ask a question but was cut off by an explosion and multiple car tires screeching. i was the fastest to react and blasted off to the scene. as i was getting there i saw three cars speed and crashing into things as they were getting chased by cops. i blasted ahead and moved an old lady out of the way before she got hit. she thanked me and i continued the chase.

i took out my scythe and survival knife. i started so spin the scythe as i was creating flames on both of the weapons. i threw the scythe and knife at two of the cars and crashed into the third making all of them come to a stop. one of the criminals climbed out of the car, he had light blue and white hair and a weird spikey looking tail. then he started to grow until he became a monster similar to what i could do.

 then he started to grow until he became a monster similar to what i could do

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he was roughly 40 feet long and 15 feet tall. he covered himself in electricity and blitzed towards me. i barely managed to move out of the way in time as the villain passed me and ran into a car. i saw aizawa about to attack it "STAY BACK, i'll handle this one" i say. he nods his head and gets back to cover.

i kick the back of my trench coat and let the thing unroll to a full 52 feet. i get on all fours and start growing and changing into my monster like form but no one could see it because my coat covered my whole body, at full size i was 52 feet long and 15 feet tall just a little bit bigger that the villain. everyone was surprised by my change including the villain. i make an explosion behind me much larger than my normal ones launchine me forward and into the villain.

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