𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴇʟᴇᴠᴇɴ𓅓

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You watch worriedly as the competitors start eating the snakes and scorpions.

They killed them first, skinned them then ate them as if it was nothing.

"What if someone dies, father?" you inquire nervously, causing Maathotep to chuckle.

"Not my concern, they chose to participate of their own will"

His answer made your anxiety increase, meanwhile Nile is sitting on your lap, trying to comfort you by purring.

Surprisingly...no one died, but three lost their consciousness and were taken to the healer making them disqualified.

You are trying to process how a person can survive something like that.

But then again, you are in an ancient era where the extremes are considered normal.

The only reason you were anxious was that you didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

No, 'him' isn't the king of Babylon, Nazir.

But the boy you saw in your dreams, the one who is now participating.

As absurd as this might seem, you want that boy to win.

No matter what, Nazir has to be defeated, you don't want to marry him because of the dark magic issue.

"Good job, you have passed the first task" Maathotep announces.

"What is the next task?" one of the boys asks.

You notice that the boy is the chief general's son, Amen-Ra.

Your handmaidens would always gush about how charming his personality is.

Your father stares at him and smirks.

"Amen-Ra does your father know that you are participating?"

"Yes, he even encouraged me to do so to earn your favor, your majesty," Amen-Ra says confidently. 

"So, he doesn't care if you lose and die" Maathotep mocks.

Amen-Ra realizes that he is being made fun of, but doesn't dare to say anything to offend the pharaoh.

"I don't mind dying for the princess," he says, staring at you.

Nazir glares at Amen-Ra, already thinking of a way to get rid of him.

"Good, good"

Maathotep then moves towards the boy you have a crush on.

"What is your name, boy?"

You pay close attention, waiting to hear the reply with excitement to know more about him.


He replies, looking your father directly in the eyes with his own sharp dark green eyes.

"Named after a great pharaoh, hm" Maathotep stares the boy up and down.

"Let us see if you are going to survive and live up to your name, Narmer"

"You still haven't told us the next task" Nazir inserts with a bored tone.

"It's a surprise for tomorrow, as for now, I have prepared chambers for everyone to sleep in"

You have a bad feeling about the 'surprise'


"That will be everything, you can all go now"

You watch as your handmaidens leave your chamber before you let out a sigh.

Nile has gone somewhere God only knows, but it kind of gives you peace.

However, this peace doesn't last for long, as someone jumps on you, pinning your body down.

You were about to scream, but a hand lands on your lips, blocking any sound from coming out.

"It's me, Neith" you look up in shock at the person.

Only to see Narmer.

Once he sees you calm, he removes himself away from you.

"What brought you here?" He raises an eyebrow at your question.

But leans towards you, grabbing your cheeks, before grinning.

"What? Can't I see my lover?"

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