Chapter 13 • Her Story

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Sebastian Knight

I slammed this Hijo de puta against the wall and all the things that were in his hands are now on the floor, my eyes fell on a piece of paper that had a phone number written on it.
{ Son of a bitch }

A dark chuckle leaves my lips as I picked it up, "Really? You will give her your phone number?" I asked as I grabbed my lighter from my pocket and lit up the paper in front of him.

"Didn't your parents teach you not to take something that's not fucking yours?" I asked walking slowly towards him as he started backing up until his back met the other wall, "I-I'm sorry, Mr.Knight. I-I didn't know she was yours, I'm sorry" He started shaking which made me smirk.

"Good, now you know that she is mine. Then do me a favor and-" I took my dagger out of my pocket as I started playing with it with my hands, "- Say hello to Satan for me" I smirked before slitting his throat.

His body fell limp on the floor and I glanced down at my clothes to see that they are good, not a drop of blood was on them. Then I grabbed my phone and called my men to come and clean this mess up.

I told them to come from the back door so they don't scare Madeline before I started walking towards the kitchen of the restaurant, there was an 'only employees are allowed' written on the door and I rolled my eyes before opening it anyways.

"Did you take my order?" I asked the waitress whose eyes just fell on me and gasped, "Y-Yes, Mr.Knight" she muttered, "Good, you bring it" I demand and she nods quickly.

I sighed running a hand through my hair when I see one of my black SUVs pull up and my men getting out and heading towards the back door.

That fucker deserved it anyways, No one comes close to my Rosa without getting killed. What the hell am I saying?

Rolling my eyes at my thoughts, I started making my way back to the table before taking a seat on my chair, "Are you okay-What the hell?" When Rosa's eyes fell on me she gasped getting up from her seat.

"What?" I asked when she walked behind me and held my shirt, "You fucking killed him?" She whisper-yell at me and I roll my eyes, "Why would you th-" she cut me off, "There is blood at the back of your shirt Sebastian" she grits narrowing her eyes at me.

"Yes, I fucking killed him. Any problem? Mhm?" I asked narrowing my eyes at her as well, "Sebastian-You don't just walk around and kill someone because you are jealous" She states making me scoff.

"I wasn't jealous of that Estúpido" I rolled my eyes, scoffing, "Yes you were Sebastian, stop d-" I cut Rosa off by grabbing her throat and pulling her face close to mine until my nose slightly touched hers, "I wasn't jealous, but what's mine is fucking mine" I grit as my jaw clenched.

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