Chapter 15 • Revenge

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Anastasia King

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Anastasia King

"No Ares like literally, Me and your father were almost married in your age, you need to get your ass up and find a woman rather than bringing all of your one night stand here" I state glaring at my son Ares who had his usual bored face since we have this conversation every week.

"You and Papa knew each other since you were kids so of course, you would be almost married at my age" Ares scoffs and I groan feeling that there is no use for this conversation.

We heard footsteps running towards Ares's room that we are at, the door room slammed open revealing my husband with a panicking look on his face.

Me and Ares immediately stood up and rushed towards him, "What is it? What happened?" I asked cupping his face, "Rosa and Sebastian, they-" I cut him off, "Sebastian?" I almost yelled in shock since Sebastian is Rosa's ex, so why would Silas bring him up?

"They are in my office and they want to talk to all of us" I looked at him with wide eyes before glancing at Ares and then back to Silas, they were staring at each other like they were reading each other's minds, "Let's fucking go assholes" I groan as I started walking towards my husband's office with him and Ares following me.

"I will go call Sandro" Silas shouted as me and Ares ran towards his office. We found the door opened so I just walked in to see my daughter talking with Sebastian and my eyes grew wide.

When Rosa saw me she got up and started running towards me as I opened my arms open for her, "Oh I missed you so much" I hugged her tighter as she nuzzled her face in the crook of my neck.

After a few minutes she pulled away and wrapped her arms around Ares, "I missed you, dumbass" Ares slapped the back of her head before hugging her and I glared at him as he stuck his tongue out for me.

This man never grows up.

I turned my head to see Sebastian so I walked towards him with a frown on my face, "Mrs.King" he nods and I nod back before asking, "What is happening? Why is she with you and how doesn't Matteo know about you?" I asked ignoring the fact that I liked Sebastian more than that pussyface.

"It's complicated, Rosa will tell you everything when all of you are here" Nodding to his words. I took a seat on one of the chairs in front of my husband's desk as Rosa took hers next to Sebastian.

There were two more which were for Sandro and Silas.

After a few minutes, Silas and Sandro walked in and Alessandro literally froze when his eyes fell on Sebastian since they were best friends.

"Seb?" He frowns looking between Rosa and Sebastian, "What the hell is happening?" He asked looking at me and I shrugged.

Rosa then gets up and ran towards Sandro before wrapping her arms around him, "I missed you twin" she giggles nuzzling her face into his chest, "I missed you more, how is your trip with Bella?" He asked and she started laughing nervously.

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