Chapter 16 • A hint

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

"Rosa, wake up" The voice of Sebastian made me slowly open my eyes to meet his dark grey eyes, "What happened?" I asked as I rubbed my head.

"You fell asleep while playing with Maddy, I picked her up to the bed and your family is sitting in the living room waiting for you" Sebastian whispered softly and hummed as I got off the floor and place Maddy's toy that I was sleeping in back to its place.

"It's so crazy" I breathed out as I stared at Maddy, "I know, thank god I still have my brain" Sebastian chuckled before throwing an arm over my shoulder as we walked towards Madeline.

"Sweet dreams, Figlia" I kissed her forehead before walking out of the room with Sebastian, "Is he dead?" I asked looking up at Sebastian.
{ Daughter }

"After your family and I tortured the life out of him for five hours straight, yeah he surely is" Sebastian hums and I chuckled feeling finally free.

"Your mother and Ares were the crazy ones though" He state making me roll my eyes, "Yeah they were always the psychopaths in the family" I chuckled shaking my head.

"Are you thinking of making a DNA test for you and Madeline? You know just in case" Sebastian asked and I looked down as we walked, "No, she is my daughter and that won't change. And I don't think I would stand the fact if she wasn't my daughter just because of a DNA test" I sigh and Seb nods in understanding.

We entered the living room and my eyes fell on Bella who was sitting on the couch with my family who all looked. Angry, still shocked, sad, happy and so many emotions that I didn't really clarify.

Ares was the one who came towards me and wrap his arms around me before slapping the back of my head, "You went through all that shit and the fact that he was enjoying your pain makes me want to bring him back alive and torture him over and over again" Ares huffs and pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Come here Rosa" I glanced to the side to see Papa and Mama standing beside each other with their arms on their hips, oh shit.

I walked toward them and I expected that they will ask me questions or something but all they did is pulling me into their warm embrace and I smiled before hugging them back tighter.

After a couple of minutes, we pulled away and I looked at them to see their eyes becoming watery, "We need to leave" Mama took Papa's hand and walked out since I knew they are going to cry and they hate crying in front of anyone but each other.

"Come to the house for dinner and bring my niece with you. You are invited to Sebastian" Sandro shouts before following Mama and Papa.

Ares was about to talk but his phone rang, he picked up and answered, I could hear him curse and groan out of annoyance as I frown at his sudden angriness.

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