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Marinette groaned, blinking her eyes open to an exhausting headache and extreme drowsiness. She buried her face into whatever her face was against, feeling the warmth it provided. Wait... Her eyes shot open, her world collapsing as she realized...

This was NOT her bed.

She shot up, her eyes widening as she realized she wasn't wearing a bra or a shirt. Where was her dress? Her heart felt like it stopped when she saw all of her clothes, except her underwear, had been tossed on the floor beside the bed.

She had sex... She lost her virginity... She gave herself to the one person she never thought she would.

Adrien groaned as he felt the warmth in his arms escape, slowly opening his eyes and rubbing them. He woke up to a confused and utterly terrified Marinette. She gasped, seeing him stare at her nearly naked body. "NO DON'T LOOK!" She shouted, tackling him against his bed.

She pressed herself against his chest, hoping to cover herself with... Himself?

"Marinette, calm down." Adrien ushered, "Its nothing I haven't already seen." He said softly, and that sentence made Marinette's eyes water. She was one of his little toys wasn't she? She gave herself up to him and she didn't even remember it. She didn't even remember her first experience and that made her want to cry.

Adrien could see the tears form in her blue bell eyes, his heart aching as she gave him such a heartbroken expression. He could only feel sympathy for her, but he wasn't exactly sure why she was suddenly so upset. "What's wrong?" His voice was laced with concern, as he ran his fingers through her silky hair.

She shook her head, burying her face in his chest. She just wanted to hide away from him forever, she felt so embarrassed and ashamed. She could hear the beating of his heart, his masculine hands knotting in her hair in attempt to comfort her. "Marinette, please tell me what's wrong."

She looked up at his face, his stupid attractive face. His green eyes were soft and tender at the moment, he genuinely didn't know what was wrong, and he cared. It made her chest tighten when she thought about it. "I... I can't believe I-" When she thought about it, she began to cry.

His eyebrows were narrowed in concern, and then his face resembled realization. She told him she was a virgin. Adrien sighed, pulling a stray strand of hair away from her face and cupping her cheek. She leaned against his hand, completely disappointed in herself.

"Marinette, you didn't... We didn't have sex. We didn't even kiss, I promise you." Adrien said softly, tracing his thumb across her cheek to wipe away her tears. The bluenette frowned, "But then... why am I- my clothes are on the floor. I got drunk and-"

"Marinette, I would never take advantage of you like that. Especially since you were drunk. I know you well enough to the point where I'm certain you would never just hand yourself over to me like that." The blonde retorted, a little hurt by her assumption that he would just use her for that.

He did understand though, because he didn't have such a good track record.

Marinette let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding, letting her shoulders ease in relief. Then she realized she was still just wearing her panties, and she was pressing herself against his clothed body in attempt to cover her naked breasts. "SHIT. I'M SORRY."

She scrambled to get off of him, before he grabbed her slim shoulders and kept her against his chest, "Calm down. It's okay, I... I'll get you a clean shirt." The bluenette blushed at the thought of wearing his shirt, and also when she felt the sensation of her nipples scrape against his chest.

She nodded, letting out a deep breath as she attempted to calm herself and her nerves down. He slowly rolled them over, he was now on top of her. He grabbed the covers and placed them on her, separating the two, much to his disappointment. He wanted Marinette to be comfortable.

He hadn't even had sex with her and he was letting her wear his shirt, which was unusual seeming he never let anyone wear his shirts for his own personal reasons. It would be suspicious if a girl walked out of his dorm wearing a Gabriel Agreste brand shirt. But when it came to Marinette, he couldn't care less about what the public thought.

Plus, she was just down the hall so it didn't really matter anyway.

He looked through his closet, grabbing the smallest t-shirt of his he could find and handing it to the bluenette. It was his old shirt he used to wear back in high school, which was oddly special to him so he had never really gotten rid of it. "Here, I'll get you an Advil." He offered kindly.

Marinette smiled, and carefully pulled the shirt over her head when he turned to his cabinets. She was glad she didn't have to slip herself back into the same dress. "Thank you, Adrien." She said softly as he handed her a bottle of water and a pill to get rid of her hangover.

"Don't mention it." The blush painted his skin when he saw how the shirt fit her petite body, it was loose on her, almost making it to her knees.

"Do you know where my phone went?" The bluenette asked, and Adrien rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, it wasn't with you when I took you here. Your dorm room was locked, and..." Marinette sighed in frustration. "I remember leaving my keys and my phone in a black purse, it's probably still at the party."

She felt so irresponsible, if Adrien weren't there who knows what could've happened to her.

"I'm genuinely so glad you were there, Adrien. But honestly I wish I wouldn't have gone... That was super irresponsible of me. Do you think you could drive me there to get my stuff? Hopefully no one has grabbed my purse, I didn't have my wallet in there anyway."

She brushed her thumb across her bottom lip, what she always did when she was thinking or conspiring something. The blonde found it incredibly cute, and he couldn't say no. Even though he knew he had a meeting with his father later on that day, and spending more time with the bluenette would make him like her more.

"Yeah, I can take you..." He said, his eyes averting to her grateful gaze. Her hair was messy, and her makeup had rubbed off. Still, she was beautiful. So when she looked into his eyes like that, he wanted nothing more than to kiss her, touch her, and love her to his heart's content.

But he knew she didn't want any of that from him, and she thought of him as just a friend. So he offered something he usually wouldn't offer any girl, but that's what Marinette did to him. She pushed him past his limits, and broke his boundaries. And he loved it. "You wanna get breakfast?" The blonde asked, a small smile curling across her pink lips when she saw the hope in his eyes, and she couldn't say no.

"Why not?"

"Why not?"

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