Train Arc Chapter VI: Worst Train Ride Ever...

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Previously on the Demon Slayer Story...

Rengoku: Smiles. I'll protect the five in the rear while the yellow boy and Tanjiro's sister projects the rest. The rest of you will be looking for the demons head in this train.

Y/N: But-

Rengoku: Smiles. So long as he's a demon, he has a head. Go help Tanjiro and the boar. Got it?

Y/N: Got it!

Rengoku then vanish heading to the next cart. Y/N joins the others.

Y/N: Tanjiro, Inosuke, we need to find the demons neck!

Tanjiro: Inosuke already found it! Its in the front!

Y/N: Don't wait for me! I'm be there soon!

Tanjiro: On it!

The scene faded to black and we now see Y/N exiting the train cart.

Y/N: 'If Iosuke found it, there's a chance that the demon will be focusing on those two-'

While Y/N is in his thought as he climbs on the rooftop, he gets interrupted by pieces of metals flying at him. Thankfully he dodges it.

Y/N: Oi! Damit guys careful what you cut while I'm back here!

He heads towards the head of the train with Tanjiro and Inosuke. As he heads by where the coals are, he saw fleshes hands going for Inosuke but Tanjiro save him from being crushed. This give Y/N uses his first form to cut the remaining hands before they attack Tanjiro and Inosuke. Suddenly they hear a demon screeching from pain.

Y/N: You guys alright?

Tanjiro: Yeah thanks for the save.

Inosuke: Its not like you came to my rescue okay!?

Y/N/Tanjiro: Yeah we know.

Tanjiro caught a sent as he looks down.

Tanjiro: Inosuke, Y/N, the demons head is right below here!

Y/N: We'll have to cut it open to reach its neck.

Inosuke: Don't boss me around! I'm the leader!

Y/N: Since when!?

Inosuke: Since I found the demon's neck before you notice!

Y/N: And you literally slept before that and while we were doing the hard work!

They both press their forehead toward each other until Tanjiro stops them.

Tanjiro: Nows not the time guys!

Y/N/Inosuke: Fine!

Inosuke: Just watch. Jumps up. Beast breathing, second fang...Slice!

Inosuke slices the metal floor revealing the neck bones.

Tanjiro: This is his neck bone.

Y/N: Gross. Alright, lets kill this bastard.

Tanjiro uses his water breathing to cut the neck bone but suddenly its been sealed by flesh before he would finish it. Just then it started to regenerate causing their eyes widen and it started to attack them.

Y/N: Everyone get back!

Tanjiro grabs the person before jumping away as well as the other two. Just then the train started to shape a huge bowl as it seals the neck bone.

Tanjiro: Inosuke, Y/N! Let's synchronize our attacks. Two of us will slash the flesh and provide cover while the other jumps and severed the bone!

Y/N: Sounds good!

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