Notice: The Long Delay

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Hey, it's been 3 months since I last updated this book, specifically the last time I published a chapter for this book was around February 24 or maybe a day before that. I'll keep this short and not much of your time, I've been busy lately with my academics and my other hobbies. I have three enemies against me and that is writer's block, procrastination, and time. I hope you understand what I have been doing these past months but I'm afraid this book wont be updated for another month, I'm truly sorry.

Here are a few questions though:

> But you have suggestions from your fellow readers, why can't you use those?

Because it's an idea for a chapter but the trouble is what happens during that chapter.

> Why do you take so long just to write 1400 words, that's short for a chapter, I wanted more than 1400 words.

Not all chapters are just 1400 words. For example, chapter 17 has 2000 words but if you still count that as a short amount, sorry mate but the book will not have very long chapters, that wasn't my aim for it. And plus the setting for each I wanted to make it feel original and different so that takes alot of thinking from me.

> Is writing a notice an excuse for your silence and your laziness to write another chapter for this book?

Maybe. My most common sin is sloth but for the silence, no. I live in a different timezone than most of you so I don't respond instantly, my Wattpad notifications are always on for comments, votes, new chapters, followers, and direct messages but people just don't write to me very often, as so do I.

I think that's all I have to write for now. If you have something else in thought, please I encourage you to put it in the comments.

My sincere gratitude for your utmost patience. From me, Folkzone. Thank you so much.

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