Chapter 18 • Spanish curses

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Call out my name ~ The Weekend

~ Mature content ~

~ Mature content ~

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Rosa King

Slowly taking my dress off. It fell on the ground leaving me in my red lace underwear, I wasn't wearing a bra since my dress was off the shoulders.

I took a shower before we went to the dinner so I just changed into my red silk PJs after removing my jewelry and makeup.

When I was done I laid down in the bed for a few minutes trying to sleep but I couldn't so I decided to go and check on Madeline to see if she is awake.

I went to her room and saw her sleeping. I swear that this girl would sleep for a whole week and won't even wake up.

Oh, I wonder who does that too-Shut up.

I sigh before walking towards Sebastian's room but as I walked past his office I saw the lights were on, giving me a sign that he is still there so I opened the door gently and my eyes fell on a very hot Sebastian with his glasses on as his eyes scanned through some papers.

His hair was messy as half of his white dress shirt buttons were undone, and his sleeves were rolled up showing his veiny tattooed arms. He looks up at me when I closed the door and his gorgeous fucking eyes looks at me with a frown as I walked toward him.

"Couldn't sleep?" He asks and I hum leaning against his desk, standing right in front of him since he moved back a little to make some space for me, "What are you doing?" I asked as I took the papers from his hand.

"Mafia shit" he rolls his eyes in annoyance before letting his eyes fall on my body. I started scanning the papers in my hand without reading a fucking word because the feeling of his burning gaze was making me bite my lip as I tried thinking about anything but the dirty thoughts in my head.

I crossed an arm over my chest as I continued staring at the papers," Dios mío" Seb murmurs running a hand through his face, I looked up at him to see him clenching his jaw.
{ My God }

"Go to bed" he sighs and I raised my eyebrows at him, "Why?" I asked placing the paper on the desk, "Just go to bed before I lose myself" this time he grits and I know that I started pushing on his buttons.

"Stop" He grits as I smirked, "Stop what?" I asked innocently looking at him with my oh so innocent green eyes.

"Deadly fucking innocence" He mutters and I smirked before leaning down and I started playing with his shirt collar, "We both know I'm far away from innocent, baby" I whispered into his ear letting my lips caress his earlobe.

"You want to be my whore now, huh?" He asks as he stood up letting me raise my head to look at him, "Maybe" I muttered with an innocent pout as I looked at him through my lashes.

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