Chapter 17 • Comfort

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Anastasia King( After exiting Sebastian's house )

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Anastasia King
( After exiting Sebastian's house )

The feeling of small kisses all over my face made me slowly open my eyes and smile when I saw Silas's puffy eyes. We will never grow into grown ass people.

"We are home, wake up baby" I placed my face on his chest as I hugged him, I'm sitting on his lap the whole way back to the house because we were crying our eyes out.

I probably fell asleep without realizing and Silas just woke me up, and suddenly I started remembering all of what my daughter went through by herself, and I started crying again.

"It's my fault, I was a horrible mother to her. How couldn't I notic-" Silas cut me off, shushing me, "-Shh you didn't know, you are the best mother for all of them and you will always be. So stop thinking like that because I fucking hate it"

Damn, this man's comfort is even rough huh?– Shut up bitch, it's not your time.

"It's too much" I whispered as I wrapped my arms around my husband's neck, nuzzling my face into his neck, "I know" he sighs under his breath before he carried me out of the car and started to walk inside our house towards our room.

Why am I so emotional these days?

The feeling of the silk sheets being thrown over me and a weight laying beside me made me open my teary eyes to be met with Silas's green ones, "Stop crying" He whispers almost annoyed.

I got up and swung my leg on him as I sat straddling his lap and his hands immediately held my waist, "I can't" I nearly sobbed when I thought about how Rosa didn't even see her baby after giving birth because of that piece of shit.

"Stasi, stop doing this to me-" He whispers before shoving my head into his chest as he dropped his face in the crook of my neck, "-I promised you that I would never let a tear slide down your cheeks, and here you are crying"

I fucking love him.

"I love you Mi Amor" I pecked his lips and I could feel him finally smiling against my lips, "I love you more La mia anima" he whispered against my lips.
[ My Soul ]

He smashed his lips on mine and I smiled against his lips before wrapping my arms around his neck. This kiss was full of passion and love, "We should get ready for the dinner" I said as I cupped his face, staring at his still red puffy eyes.

I'm suddenly flipped and my back connected with the silk sheets and I felt Silas fucking rip my shirt apart and shove his face into my tits, "Don't you think you are old enough for this?" I asked chuckling before kissing the top of his head.

"Oh please, look who's talking. The one who won't sleep an hour without me inside the room" He murmurs against my tits and I rolled my eyes.

After a couple of minutes, I heard his soft snores telling me he is fast asleep and I smiled before pushing his black thick long hair and kissing his forehead.

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