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"girl why did u think convincing me to go to this party was a good idea?" Te groaned looking around

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"girl why did u think convincing me to go to this party was a good idea?" Te groaned looking around .

"you need to loosen up besides all u do is go to school and go home" Cece her cousin rolled her eyes.

Te covered her body with her jacket, before zipping it up.

Cece convinced her to wear something revealing which she wasn't feeling at all.

"stop you look good I don't know why you hate your body so much"

"Ce you see how damn big I am" Te frowned.

"you not big at all! that's what you think now let's have fun" Cece dragged her to the bar.

"it's a school night i'm staying for 30 more minutes" Te said sternly.

"you sound like somebody mama loosen up"

"girl ok I said loosen up not drink the whole damn bar" Cece grabbed the shot from Te.

she had finally loosened up and drank a lot.

Te didn't like to go out or all let alone drink but Cece told her to try at least one drink.

she tried one and kept drinking.

at the moment she didn't care she was really enjoying herself.

and she really didn't care about how people viewed her body right now either.

Cece was glad about that.

her cousin body was perfect in her open.

she had a little belly but she had curves in all the right places.

of course people bullied Te'Lani for her body so she saw why she was insecure.

but honestly her cousin was beautiful to her.

"you see that dude keep staring at me?" Te whispered yelled to Cece.

Cece looked over and saw somebody staring down Te.

" mhm he fine too go talk to him" she nudged her.

Te nodded her head and walked over to him.

she bumped into somebody in the process causing them to spill their drink.

"damn big bitch watch where you going" the girl spat mugging Te.

that comment was causing her buzz to go away.

"my bad I didn't see you, damn" Te mugged the girl.

"you big as fuck you need to watch where you going dumb ass!" The girl exclaimed mugging her.

"ight Jess she said she didn't see you move around" a deep voiced said from behind Jess.

"Murda I didn't ask this bitch to big to be in the way like that"

" go home before I tell mama"

"whatever" Jess mumbled rolling her eyes at Te'Lani.

"thank you I really didn't see her" Te frowned.

"it's coo my sister rude as hell, I'm murda what's yo' name?"

"Te'Lani , but you can call me Te"

"nice meeting you"

Te'lani woke up yawning looking at Murda who was laying beside her.

she jumped up seeing she wasn't in her room and they were both naked.

"Murda" she shook him.

his eyes opened and he mugged her "you gotta go" he sat up.

she turned her face up seeing how rude he was.

"ok" she mumbled putting her clothes back on.

she really hoped they didn't have sex but she was so drunk they probably did.

Te'lani wasn't a virgin she had one other body.

her ex he moved away and she never spoke to him again.

"get yo' fucking phone and go" Murda huffed hearing her phone constantly ringing.

she saw it was Cece and answered it.

"girl where the fuck you been at? I lied and told yo' mama you was with me but bitch where is you really at?" Cece yelled.

"i'll tell you everything come get me i'm sending my location right now"

with that she hung up. she grabbed her shoes and walked out his room.

she decided to just wait on the porch since his whole vibe was different now.

"bitch why you look all mad?" Cece asked as Te'lani got to the car.

" girl Murda was nice all last night but now he rude as hell"

"I should've told you his ass rude as hell and so is his friends"

"we fucked and everything" she said lowly.

"bitch ! y'all used condoms ? because Murda don't claim kids"

"to be honest I don't remember and i'm not gone end up pregnant so that don't matter"

"mhm girl" Cece said pulling back up to her house.

everybody knew about Murda.

it was a lot of females trying to pin babies on him.

Cece knew if her cousin got pregnant by him getting him to believe the kid was his was gone be hard.

"don't mhm i'm gone be good, taking a plan B is never nothing " Te laughed.

"I didn't say you wasn't but if y'all didn't use protection pray he pulled out" Cece told her.

"you must've missed the plan B part" Te stale faced her.

Te was tired of talking about it honestly.

she got out the car and walked into the house, right now she just needed a shower.

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