『 Chapter ☆ 12: A Letter From Snezhnaya 』

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Font Key:

Bold = (With brackets is a small AN), to put emphasis on words in thoughts, also emphasis for anything extremely important (doesn't include minor emphasis (see italics) which is still important but not quite as important).

Italic = Flashbacks, words characters say to themselves in their heads uses " ", used to put emphasis on words in normal font. Can also be someone telling a story in not in the present if accompanied by these: 『 』

Standard = Present time, first person thoughts/observations that are not words a character speaks to them self in their head, with " " are words spoken out loud , words characters say to themselves in their heads durring flashbacks uses " ".

—— ~ ~ —— = The symbol for letters sent from Liyue

—— ~ ~ —— = The symbol for letters sent from Snezhnaya

~ ~ = Time skip (placed in the middle of the page)

~ ~ ~ = The break in the page to distinguish the difference between what is part of the story and what isn't.

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(⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ there is a section in this chapter that you may consider a little bit more graphic than slicing and dicing up hilichurls so please read at your own discretion.)

~ ~ ~

(Y/n)'s POV

   My mind is so consumed with the words of the fatui soldier that I barely register that the guards we spent all that time carefully avoiding have spotted us, believing that Aether, Paimon and I have stolen the Holy Lyre der Himmel. The fact that the cicin mage took me by surprise highlights one of the major weaknesses of my situation. I'm left almost completely in the dark when it comes to my own fate.
   "Come on, we need to go!" The golden eyed male exclaims with urgency marring his voice as the two of us break out into a sprint. As soon as I'm moving, my body falls into a natural rhythm, going through the familiar motions while my mind remains distracted.
"So this is why I felt uneasy earlier." I think to myself before mentally thanking myself for wearing my cloak. The dark fabric does its job, obscuring my face from both my current adversaries and my allies as we flee the cathedral. Flinging the heavy wooden door open, My male companion tells a startled Venti to flee as the three of us continue to run, weaving through different back alleys in order to try to throw our pursuers off our trail. The bard is leading the way towards Angel's Share while I bring up the rear. It's imperative that in the event that someone gets caught, that person will be me. If needed I'll find a way to free myself. My companions on the other hand, I know will have varying degrees of success which is simply something I cannot risk.

   Thankfully, that fate never befalls any of us as we reach the tavern. The dark haired musician hastily opens the door as he ushers us into the building. A few of the denizens of the bar briefly look up to see who has arrived before going back to their business. Diluc, on the other hand, let's his gaze linger for much longer, ruby red eyes directing a silent question my way as they peer into my own (e/c) ones.
   "Hello, we'd like a seat at one of your more inconspicuous tables." The raven haired man requests as he tries to catch his breath. The red head sends him a funny look before answering.
   "Hmm.. your best shot would likely be the tables upstairs." The wine tycoon answers before throwing in a query of his own. "Aren't you a bard though? Wouldn't someone of your profession prefer to be the centre of attention?" The taller male asks.
   "Umm...how about we save the paid performance for another day. We'll be heading up now. See you in a bit." The turquoise eyed male replies as he, Aether and Paimon rush upstairs. I on the other hand remove my cloak as it disappears into its special sub space before taking a seat at one of the bar stools. I severely doubt that the knights chasing after us would be able to put two and two together. The sweat on my forehead from running can be explained away by the atmosphere of the tavern. To subvert any suspicion, I might as well play the part of someone passed out drunk as I call Diluc over to me.
   "One death afternoon please, half full." I request, a plan forming in my mind as I put the required mora on the counter before sliding it over. From the corner of my eye, I can see my three companions looking over the rails in concern, probably worried that I'll get caught. While I understand their concern, it's nothing I can't handle.
   "(Y/n)? What exactly is going on?" The red eyed man asks me as I put a finger over his lips to silence him.
   "Not now. I'm going to pretend to be passed out drunk. All I request is that you play along. After that, you are free to ask away. Do those terms sound reasonable to you?" I whisper as my (d/h) returns itself to my side. In response, Diluc slides over the drink I ordered, an unspoken affirmative from the wine tycoon, as I muss my (h/c) hair before slumping over unceremoniously on the counter, letting my (h/l), (h/c) locks and crossed arms obscure my face from view.

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