chapter 12

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i just picked up eri from school and we were making our way home when i got a phone call from mei. i answered the phone and was instantly met with her screaming. "I MADE IT INTO UA". "that's amazing" i say. "did you get your letter yet" she asks. "no i'm going home now, i'll call you when i get my results. bye" i put my phone in my pocket and quickly rushed home.

when we made it home i checked my mail and sure enough there was a message from UA there. i grabbed it and eri and i sat down on the couch while i opened the envelope. i ripped it open and a black disc fell onto the table. the disc started flashing before a hologram of aizawa popped up.

"hello akino midoriya, you managed to pass the support course entrance exam in second place. first place was mei hatsume in case you were wondering" he took a sip of coffee. "powerloader was impressed with your idea with the gauntlet and you got a few extra points because of the chemistry stuff you did. welcome to UA problem child, also read the letter too" a guy signaled for aizawa to keep going but he just walked off screen. "does that mean you get to make more cool gadgets nii-chan" eri asked. "yes it does".

i called mei and she picked up right away. "I MADE IT IN" i yell into the phone. "REALLY, I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT" she yells back. i then heard an explosion from one of her "babies". "uhh i have to go" she says before hanging up. i sigh. i started reading the letter and learned that i would be observing class 1-A to help them improve their quirks and make the support gear.



i was standing outside the doors of class 1-A. i wonder how this day could go. i open the door and see katsuki and katsumi arguing with a guy who looks like rip off sonic and izumi, shoto, and shoka talking in the back. i walk in the classroom and grab a clipboard of the podium in the front of the classroom aizawa left for me. everyone had eyes on me as i looked over everyone's quirk.

"excuse me but who are you" the sonic rip off asks. "my names akino midoriya, now sit down your teachers here". everyone was confused but then a yellow caterpillar literally rolls into the room. aizawa unzips the sleeping bag and pulls out gym uniforms from somewhere. "i'm your homeroom teacher shota aizawa, now put these on and meet me outside. and midoriya" i look up at him. "you do your job". i nod my head and grab a few notebooks before walking outside.


i was waiting outside with aizawa. he was getting annoyed that it was taking them this long to get changed. "are you thinking about expelling someone" i ask. "maybe". i chuckle while i continue to wright down stuff about there quirk. a few minutes later they come outside. "today we'll be doing tests to see what you can do with your quirk, katsuki bakugou how far could you throw a ball in middle school" "about 67 meters i think" he says.

"ok now step in the circle and throw the ball using your quirk" aizawa says. bakugou steps into the circle and throws the balls making a giant explosion and yelled "DIE". 'really, die" i thought. aizawa held up a device that had the score he got on it. "each and everyone of you need to learn the capabilities of your quirk, so go beyond, plus ultra" he says with a really bored expression while holding up the device that said 705 meters. everyone yelled "WHAT" except for a few.

"we get use our quirks, this is going to be so fun" some alien girl cheered. "you just fucked up" i say. everyone looked at me confused. "if you think this is going to be so fun, then last place get expelled" aizawa states. "what that's not fare, we just got here" a girl with a brown bob cut says. "fare, you think this isn't fare, do you think natural disasters are fare, do you think villain attacks are fare. well wake up because i have three years to make you into heroes. now get these tests done" aizawa says. i chuckled at his speech.


as everyone did their tests i took notes on their quirks and physical capabilities. i also wrote down their strengths and weaknesses as well. when the tests were over izumi placed first and a guy named minoru mineta placed last. "well mineta your expelled, you can either leave or go to general studies" aizawa said. mineta started crying and ran off. i heard momo mumble under her breath "i thought is was just a logical ruse".

i walk up to aizawa and hand him the three notebooks all filled to the brim with information. he skims through it fast as everyone was waiting in line. "midoriya, i have a question" he asks. "yes". "in a one on one fight, who in my class do you think you could beat" he asks. "all of them" i simply state. my quirk had strengths against all of the class and the ones that didn't i had ways around.

everyone sweatdropped at the statement. "YOU THINK YOU COULD BEAT ME" katsuki yelled making explosions in his hands. "aizawa, may i" i ask. he just nods his head. "bakugou i do not think it is wise to have a fight on the first day" iida said doing weird hand things. "shut it four eyes". everyone backs up. 

he runs at me while making explosions in his hand. i side step the attack and trip him making him fall to the ground. i step on his back and put my tail in its trident form while putting it dangerously close to his neck. "there, i win." i look at the rest of the class "anyone else want to try" i ask. they all shook their heads. "ok then go grab a syllabus from the classroom, then i don't care what you do" aizawa said.



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