We Meet Again

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If I did it all again
I would give, like, ten percent
You deserve, like, half of that
I'ma need my money back

-Summer Walker Ft. Sza, No Love

. . .

Midtown Atlanta Seven's Apartment Zone 5

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Midtown Atlanta
Seven's Apartment
Zone 5


Seven opened the front door, moving to the side so that Scar could come in. She'd called him over to get an explanation for the events that occurred at her mother's salon last week. She was unsure of where her and Scar's relationship would stand after this conversation, but she was certain that she didn't want to be with a cheater or a liar.

"Wassup bae?" He attempted to kiss her, but she quickly dodged it causing him to screw his face up.

"Man here you go with the bullshit. You ain't hit a nigga up in damn near a week, but you don't see me giving you no attitude about that shit."

"Scar, let's not act fucking oblivious. I know about your lil secret family," Seven snapped, getting straight to the point.

Scar knew exactly why Seven hadn't been in contact with him for the past few days. In fact, he's the one who purposely provided his baby mama with Seven's information in an attempt to play both sides. He loved Seven, but he loved his baby mama too, and he was going to play both of them like a fiddle until he no longer could.

"Bae...I was gone tell you—"

"No the fuck you weren't," Seven cut him off, "keep shit a stack right now. You owe that to me."

Scar sighed, "I only kept that shit from you because I knew how you felt about niggas with kids. I ain't wanna fuck up my chances with you."

"Okay but that doesn't explain why your baby mama came up to my job claiming you as her man. You still fucking her?"

"Man hell nah. I ain't touched her ass since my youngest was born. That was three years ago. She delusional as fuck."

Seven chuckled, "you are so full of shit. I may be a little naive, but I'm far from stupid."

"I'm telling you the truth bruh. I only lied about my kids. I'm not fucking that girl. I love you Seven."

"Nigga you don't love me. This shit between us isn't love. It can't be."

"Man what? If I didn't love you, you think I would be out here risking my life and my money like this? Yo' brother threatened me about you a few days ago, and here I am, back in your fucking face."

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