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"what she said her name was again?" My mama asked as we sat in the restaurant

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"what she said her name was again?" My mama asked as we sat in the restaurant.

"Jessie" I answered sipping my lemonade.

"this old bit-lady better not try to pull nothing either" Cece rolled her eyes.

we told her she didn't have to come but she pulled up anyways.

she told me she was just looking out for me.

which I appreciated.

we didn't really have any other cousins we were close with beside each other.

so she always had my back and I always had hers.

"are you Te'lani?" a brown skin lady who resembled Murda stood in front of the booth.

"mhm you must be Jessie nice meeting you" my mother stood up too.

"i suppose" Jessie said sitting down.

"ok why exactly do you think your child can be my sons?" Jessie crossed her arms.

"because your son was the only person I had sex with in a while" I crossed my arms too.

"how don't we know you're just tryna pin this child on him? you look the type"

"bitch she ain't never had to pin nothing on nobody dial allat back" Cece mugged her.

"I got a daughter yo' age don't get outta line" Jessie smirked.

"send her my way because I got a mama yo' age" She looked her up and down.

"get back on track" My mama jumped in.

"i'm not trying to pin nothing on your son at all, if I did I wouldn't be saying i will get a dna test, but my question for you is do he even know you're speaking to me?"

Jessie fell quiet and I shook my head.

"so you sneaking and texting my child and your son don't even know?"

"i didn't sneak and text shit i'm grow- you ain't grown you childish as hell my daughter ain't pinning nothing on yo' damn son, we'll call y'all when it's time for the dna test. let's go girls" my mama said standing up.

"well I think that went well" Cece smiled skipping out.

that lady looked so petty I know her daughter gone be texting Cece as soon as we get in the car.

"this bitch Jess keep tryna argue but not right what her mama send her for ?" Cece rolled her eyes.

"let me see" I said looking in her phone.

they were going back n forth mainly about me.

"my thing is why she so worried about me?"

"i'm tryna figure that out too this bitch acting like you saying the baby hers" Cece rolled her eyes.

"she sent the address let's go, tell auntie come on too"

I hopped up and walked to my mama room.

even though I couldn't fight, I was gone still be there.

"mama Cece about to fight Jessie daughter" I said looking in the room.


i watched as she tied her hair back and changed her clothes.

"cayla get yo' ass up yo' crazy ass daughter finna fight"

i laughed knowing they were about to bring the whole family.

"i'm ready y'all ready?" Cece asked walking in the room with a wig cap on.

"girl i know you didn't snatch that wig off" my mama laughed.

"you know I did that bitch known for pulling hair"

"yo' mama on her way where that bitch live ?"

we pulled up to Murda house and saw multiple people standing outside.

my family were 5 cars deep behind us.

"don't let that bitch fuck yo' face up" my auntie told Cece.

"i'm not beat her mama up though, she talk to much"

we all got out the car and somebody tapped Jess.

"so wassup?"

before she could say anything else Cece ran up on her.

everybody watched the fight until we saw Jessie try to jump in.

"bitch" I heard then I saw my mama and auntie on top of her.

"hi friend" Ju smiled hugging me.

"hey" i hugged back seeing Cece pushing Jess face into the grass.

"damn Li murda" everybody started saying laughing.

"ight y'all beat her ass" Murda said pulling my auntie and mama off her.

"why he let his mama get her ass beat?" I asked Ju.

"he barely fw that lady" Ju waved me off.

"can you break them up?"

Ju nodded and pulled Cece up off her.

"you got yo' ass beat you need to tell yo' black ass brother step up and be a damn daddy" Cece yelled.

"bitch get off my property" Murda yelled.

"watch yo' mouth li nigga" our uncle said.

"nigga fuck you get her dumb ass off my shit" Murda laughed.

"Cece and Te get in the car" My mama said fixing her hair.

"the ghetto chile" I laughed getting in the car.

"his mama must be pissing him off because he let her get her ass jumped"

"no fr as soon as I see a bitch run up i'm knocking down the nearest mama" Cece laughed.

"who was that boy you was talking too?" My mama asked.

"Ju, he tryna mess with Ce"

"ouuu girl lemme text him"

"so tell me about this little boy you pregnant by" my auntie said looking back at me.

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