chapter 13

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i was making a retractable scythe that could turn into a little black cylinder so it could be hidden when powerloader told me i had to go work with class 1-A. i put away what i was working on and made my way there. i entered the classroom and saw everyone was reading some papers while waiting for the teacher. some of the class was struggling to understand what was written down on it. "what are you reading" i ask. "some guy made a ton of notes on our quirks and now we have to study them to improve" kirishima states. 

i look at the notes over his shoulder and see their the ones i wrote yesterday. "by the way, midoriya what were you writing yesterday" ashido asked. "the stuff you're all reading now" i say shocking everyone. "now get ready, you teacher is coming". then the door burst open to reveal all might. "WE ARE HERE. COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON" he walked in the room and was followed by green tornado. as soon as he saw me in the room he shuddered and everyone noticed but didn't know why he did. as he entered the class room everyone was saying stuff about him.

"he's wearing his silver age costume"

"wow all might's here" 

"and green tornado too"

"they're so cool"

"all right today in heroing 101 we're gonna be doing" he pulls a card out from the desk and the card said battle "battle training" the whole class was getting pumped. "now put on your hero costumes and meet us at ground gamma" green tornado said.


i was waiting outside with ass might and green tornado who were both a few steps away from me and it had already been 15 minutes and the class wasn't here yet. two minutes later they finally walked out of the tunnel looking like they were in some cool action scene. "YOU ALL LOOK SO COOL". 

"all might are we going to be fighting robots like in the entrance exam" iida asked along with a few other students who had other question and was quickly overwhelmed. "we are going to be doin indoor fighting battles to day, sure most battles you see are outside but the most dangerous of battles are inside. you will also be randomly paired with another student to do 2 vs 2 battles. and if young midoriya is willing to, one group can fight a second time against him"

TIMESKIP (battles are all the same just momo was teamed with katsumi)

"ALL RIGHT NOW THAT THE BATTLES ARE OVER, ARE THERE ANY VOLUNTEERS WILLING TO FIGHT YOUNG MIDORIYA" all might asked. both bakugous raised their hands. "all right then, young midoriya will be the villain and the bakugous will be the heroes" green tornado states. i enter the building just wearing some casual clothes and put the bomb on the top floor in the middle. "THE HEROES MAY NOW ENTER" all might says in the ear piece. 

i was standing in front of the bomb and could already hear the explosions on the lower levels then i got an idea. i made a little bit of gas and waited. and waited. and waited. until katsuki kicked open the door and i threw a telescopic frying pan that i just made for fun and threw it at him . when it hit his face i heard a crack from it hitting his nose. they rushed me and yelled "DIE" while letting of a massive explosion. but when that happen they ignited my gas acting as a cushion for me and making the explosion hurt them. i let off just enough gas to the point of where it hurt but didn't show any color.

"t-that had to have got him" i heard katsumi say. i rush out of the smoke and whacked them on the neck knocking them out. i picked up my telescopic frying pan and put it in my pocket then grabbed the bakugous and dragged them back to the observation room. along the way some robots took them to recovery girl. as soon as i entered the room i was bombarded with questions. today is going to be a long day.


i was sitting on a building and had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen tonight. i had my telescopic frying pan in my pocket just in case along with my telescopic scythe. i jumped in the air right as a fire bolt flew under me. i then felt a giant fist hit me in the side as a certain someone yelled "SMASH".

i was launched into the side of a building making my hood come off. for once the heroes could see the light blue iris's of my eyes and in the night my hair looked back instead of dark purple. i pulled out my scythe and began spinning it as i approached the heroes. "we can do this the easy way or the hard way, your choice phantom" ingenium said. out of the corner of my eye i saw hawks eating a chicken nugget.

i stop spinning my scythe and look at him with a deadpan expression. "are you a cannibal" i ask making most of the other heroes laugh or snicker. "i-i'm not a chicken, i'm a hawk" he says. "sure, sure, now let's get back to what we were doing" i say and start spinning my scythe again, this time with flames on the blade. i rush towards all might but was drop kicked by eraserhead.

i put my scythe away and covered my arms in purple flames then i rushed the heroes. endeavor threw a fireball at me and i countered with my own. then i was engulfed in blue fire. they blasted me into a building and surrounded me. i couldn't escape the flames then i got an idea. i made a massive explosion knocking back all of touya's flames.

"i just got an idea" i start forming a large amount of flames on my right arm. the only two heroes that new what i was doing were endeavor and dabi. "EVERYONE RUN" dabi yelles. they all moved except for all might. the flames on my arm grew more intense as all might rushed towards me. "i'm gonna copy one of your moves endeavor" i say.

"phantom fire fist . . ."

"DETROIT . . ."

". . . DARK BURN"

" . . . SMASH"

i released a tornado of flames that hit all might before his punch could hit me. he was launched back and severely burning him. i fell to my knees for a moment before getting up and blasting off. i knew they wouldn't case after me because they had to worry about all might. i'll need eri to rewind me in the morning.



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