New Story for 2023!

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Weekend at Lila's: A Chloenette Story

Weekend at Lila's: A Chloenette Story

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Inspired by the 1989 movie Weekend at Bernie's, I decided to create a story based off that film but instead of Bernie Lomax it will be Lila Rossi in which Marniette Dupain Cheng and Chloe Bourgeois are a couple who were invited to attend the weekend with their enemy Lila but it all goes down when something happens to the lying vixen that would change both Marinette and Chloes lives forever. The Story will have the same plots and different ending just like in the film Weekend at Bernie's but in my own imagination. I wont be doing this story till next year because I want to continue working on the other stories first so this is just a cover for the new story for 2023. 

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