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3 months later

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3 months later ...

"what size do you need?" the principal asked me as I walked up to the table.

I was getting my cap and gown since graduation was literally in 2 weeks.

"a XL" i said lowly.

my stomach had grew causing me to need a size up in most things.

"mhm here" he handed me my gown.

"thank you" I said walking off.

"i'm so ready to get out this bitch can't even lie to you" Cece smiled.

"no seriously as soon as we graduate I start nursing school"

I had already had a part time job working as a nursing assistant just until I was able to work full time.

"i'm proud of you, I don't know what I wanna do" Cece frowned.

she has always been the person to just go with the flow.

I knew whatever she wanted to do will come to her.

"girl you know you gone find you something but let's go" I said seeing I had a doctors appointment.

I was 4 months pregnant and they told me I could find out the gender soon.

I was contemplating having a gender reveal or baby shower.

"what time we gotta be there" Cece asked holding our gowns and caps.

"in a hour"

she nodded and as soon as we walked outside we saw Murda with his friends.

"bae" Ju called looking at Cece.

"untun you know I don't mess with them two right there so come over here" Cece looked at Murda and Jess.

"hi friend" he hugged me.

"why y'all always here and none of y'all in school?" I asked.

"mind yours" Ju mugged me.

"don't get slapped"

"anyways where y'all about to go?" He asked looking between us.

"my doctors appointment" I said.

"you growing fast shit" Ju said making us laugh.

"Ju tell her come here" I heard Murda say to him.

"bitch tell who to come here?" Ju stale faced him.

"my 'babymama' bitch" he mugged him.

"now you his babymama?" Ce asked .

"mind yours, friend go over there i'm riding with y'all to the appointment" Ju pushed me that way.

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