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1 week later :

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1 week later :

"the test supposed to come back today" My mama put her hands on her hips.

"if you know get out my face" I waved her off.

"you so disrespectful I should beat yo' ass for letting them bitches jump me"

"you knew what you did was wrong every actions deserves a consequence" I laughed.

"exactly you fucking a big girl got u a bigger baby"

"ight keep that energy when it come" I stood up walking out her house.

can't win for losing with that lady.

her and her daughter do the most and wonder why the whole family can't stand they ass.

"bitch why you got my mail?" I mugged Wes.

"because you taking to long we tryna see if we need to call Cece or not" Rod looked at Jess.

she didn't have no other friends besides these two bitches who let her get jumped.

so we let her be around us.

"don't look at me ain't nobody scared of that bitch" Jess shrugged.

"i'm gone tell her you said that" Ju side eyed her.

"give me my shit" I mumbled finding the envelope with the results.

i opened it and pulled out the paper.

"you are 99.9999% the father"

"I knew it" Ju smiled.

"so you really the father? mama finna be mad" Jess laughed.

"fuck how she feel if i'm being for real" I waved her off.

i was used to bitches pinning kids on me all the time.

me denying Te'lani baby was just me going off everybody else.

"let's go to Te'lani house" Wes stood up walking outside.

"why we going there?" Jess asked.

"because yo' dumb ass brother apologizing for how he treated my friend" Ju said getting in his car.

"fuck her you acting like my brother gotta take care of this baby"

"i do the fuck is you on?" I mugged her.

she just as stupid as my mama.

this why she stay getting her ass beat.

"get in the car before you piss me off bird ass" I shook my head at her.

everybody got in the cars and we followed behind Ju.

"why y'all here?" Cece asked mugging all of us.

"girl move dumb ass" I pushed past her.

"TE'LANI" i yelled.

her mama walked downstairs looking around.

" yell again " She eyed me.

"my fault where Te'lani?"

"you finally realized the baby yours?" She asked crossing her arms.

I nodded my head and saw Te'lani walking down the stairs.

she looked good.

"untun you not welcome in my house" she said looking at Jess.

"ok bitch" Jess mumbled walking out the house .

"she lucky ion hit kids"

"why is all y'all here?"

" the test came back friend his dumb ass finally know my nephew his" Ju smiled.

"this nigga ain't stop smiling since"

"and gone keep smiling" Ju smiled harder.

dumb ass.

"ok I knew it was his baby all along why he had to come over here to tell me?" Te sucked her teeth.

"i'm glad you knew but I didn't so stfu and let me talk to you" I said pulling her upstairs.

"ight now don't be yanking me like i'm a kid"

"which one yours?" I asked ignoring her.

"this one come on" She pulled my into the room.

"what you need to say?"

"i apologize for allat shit that happened when you first got pregnant, I wasn't in nunnat shit and I wanna be there for you through the rest of the pregnancy" I said truthfully.

sound like a bitch.

"I accept your apology and you can be there if you want I never said you couldn't, and next month we having a baby shower you can invite your people only if they not trying to start" She told me.

"I gotchu" I said, my mama and Jess was the main shit starters.

i'll handle them though, the baby and Te gone be apart of my life now.

they gone have to figure that shit out.

"give me yo' number" she said taking her phone out.

i snatched it and put my number in.

"you just rude and ugly" She mugged me.

"mhm tell me what to wear to the baby shower i'm about to go"


"so he really got her pregnant?" Brionna frowned

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"so he really got her pregnant?" Brionna frowned.

Brionna was my friend and Tobias ex.

they broke up a while ago but her feelings for him was still there.

only thing was he hated her.

"you need to let that boy go" Tessa shook her head.

"let Ju go then. you know he messing with her cousin" I jumped in.

they both were stuck on them and they didn't want them.

the only thing that bothered me was how my brother let her family just jump on us.

I know I started it but if he really loved us he wouldn't have watched us fight.

all I know is when she have that baby I don't want nothing to do with it.

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