E.D. Chapter II: Meet the former Flame Hashira

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Previously on the demon slayer story...

The sword is now broken into pieces and Akaza was heavily breathing.

Akaza: I know what you two look like! The next time we meet, I'm going to spray your brains matter everywhere!

Meanwhile somewhere else. A masked man felt the disturbance.

Mask man:...he's dead!

The scene faded to black and we now see Zenitsu sneaking in the kitchen to steal some bean paste buns without Aoi noticing and he heads out quietly. Its been few days since the fight between the upper moon rank and a hashira fought. Though Rengoku is alive, the four of them still felt sorrow for not being strong enough against an upper moon rank but Tanjiro felt more than the others. Zenitsu brought bean paste buns to cheer Tanjiro a little.

Zenitsu: Smiles. Hey Tanjiro, I snagged these bean paste buns. Let's eat.

Suddenly a little girl accidentally headbutt Zenitsu to the face without noticing.

Girl: Oh no! Tanjiro and Y/N are missing!- ah Zenitsu! I'm so sorry!

Zenitsu: Nose bleeding. Nah I'm totally fine.

She tries to wipe off the blood on Zenitsu nose.

Girl: Your focus is totally off! I'm really sorry, those two are nowhere to be found! Their wounds haven't even fully healed and Lady Shinobu has been on edge even though Rengoku survived. They were told to rest!

Zenitsu: wait so their training with their injuries haven't healed? Are they dumb!?

Meanwhile, we see Tanjiro and Y/N following the crow which belongs to Rengoku as they're running.

Y/N: Don't push yourself too much Tanjiro, you could open your injuries.

Tanjiro: Thanks but didn't you got injured too on your head? Especially your eyes.

Y/N: Not everyone had a tough forehead like you Tanjiro. Plus I can still see, its just that my eyes feel tired after what just happened. I just hope Rengoku wakes up by the time we're back.

Soon they arrived at Rengokus home.

Y/N: I think this is it.

Just then they saw someone look similar to Rengoku appearance. He reveals to be Rengoku little brother.

Senjuro Rengoku.

Tanjiro: Are you Senjuro?

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Tanjiro: Are you Senjuro?

Senjuro: Huh?

They approach toward Senjuro and introduce themselves.

Y/N: We're here on behalf of your brother Kyojuro Rengoku.

Tanjiro: And we have a message from him for you and your father before he was unconscious.

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