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Te'lani mother fixed her cap on her head smiling at her daughter brightly.

"i'm so proud of you" Brittany smiled at her daughter.

she was happy her daughter was graduating and wanting to know what she wanted to do with her life.

"i'm nervous" Te said watching Ce walk through the door.

" still don't know how I'm graduating" Cece laughed.

"me either" Brittany said hugging her.

"see you didn't need to say that"

"what time we leaving?" Ju walked in.

"right now but who said you can come?" Te asked him.

"girl me i gotta be there supporting y'all" Ju smiled.

"he the only one I like" Brittany said grabbing her keys.

"y'all ready?" Cece's mama asked as they walked towards the auditorium.

"yeah i already know what teacher i'm smacking with my diploma"

"they gone revoke that bitch" Ju shook his head.

"won't Murda be here with Jess?" I asked.

"nah she was missing some credits but they did come for his cousin" Ju told us.

"not she missing credits" Ce laughed.

"ok come on" I said seeing everybody were walking into the auditorium.

"not my nephew finna walk da stage before his daddy" Ju shook his head.

"boy come sit down"Brittany pulled him over to where the families were sitting.

Te'lani and Cerena went to their seats and sat down.

the principal walked to the podium and began speaking.

"he need to hurry up" cece whispered rolling her eyes.

"no seriously" Le frowned .

"look at Jess dumb ass sad she ain't get to graduate" Ce pointed at Jess who eyes were puffy.

Te'lani shook her head.

"it's about time he started calling names he been talking for to long" Te mumbled.

30 mins later

"Te'lani Ford" He called over the microphone.

Te'lani told to her feet and walked up the stage.

The cheers from her family filled the whole auditorium.

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