chapter 14

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after eri rewound me so i wouldn't have the burn marks on me she wanted to make breakfast for me. one problem, i couldn't help her at all and she couldn't use the stove or oven. so imagine my surprise when i'm watching some TV waiting for me to drop her off at school and she starts putting bacon on my arms and saying "can you make fire on you arms please" while making the puppy dog eyes.

five minutes later we're both eating some pretty good bacon. when we finished breakfast i dropped her off at school and made my way to UA. along the way i encounter a grumpy looking aizawa. "hey aizawa, what's wrong" i ask. "phantom was a pain last night, and also could you make notes on this person. he's going to be in class 1-A today" he says handing me a student file.

i open it and the first thing i see is his name, Hitoshi Shinso Aizawa. "i didn't know you had a kid aizawa" i say. "me and hizashi adopted him a few years back" he replies. 'and i didn't know i had a cousin, especially one with a great quirk' i think reading his quirk. "ok, i'll get you the notes by tomorrow" i say closing the file.


me and Mei were working on projects in the support course room while eating. she was making baby number 89.2 because the last one blew up. and i was working on a voice changer for Aizawa's kid. until the alarm went off saying that someone broke into UA grounds. Mei and i calmly exited the classroom to see that everyone was being surprisingly calm about this. at least we're not acting like children.


the halls were flooded with kids panicking and trying to get out of the building, pushing and shoving each other like their lives were on the line. then the one and only Tenya Iida comes flying through the air like a beywheel. (any of you remember those). he hits the wall and grabs onto a pipe for support making him look like the crosswalk sign guy. "EVERYONE CALM DOWN IT'S JUST THE PRESS, WE'RE UA STUDENTS. NOW GET YOURSELVES TOGETHER" he yells.


so eri wanted to come with me on patrol again. and i let her. i had my signature vigilante stuff on and she had her white sweatshirt and kitsune mask with the C-3PO voice on. i forgot to change it. eri's favorite thing about coming with me for vigilante stuff was getting to free fall off giant buildings, which i did a lot.

i blasted into the air as eri cheered with excitement. the night was pretty quiet for the most part. i stopped two muggings, attempted rape, and a lady whos cat was stuck in a tree. on our way back home i heard what sounded like struggling and went to check it out. i landed in an alleyway and saw three thugs beating up someone while yelling insults saying he has a villainous quirk.

i draw my sword and make wisps of fire on me as i sink into the darkness. "hey what's that" one of the thugs say pointing at me. they all look at me then i see who they were beating up. it was Hitoshi. i blitz forward and whack them all on the necks with the back of my sword. Hitoshi looks up at me and weakly smiles. the first thing i notice in his broken arm. "let me help you with that"

i take eri out of the child carrier and she runs up to him. "it won't hurt just stay still" she says. she puts her hands on him and her horn starts to glow from behind her mask as she starts rewinding him. a few seconds later she takes her hands off of him and stumbles backwards. i catcher her before she falls over and put her back in the child carrier. "good job sis" i say as she falls asleep from being up so late.

"didn't expect the vigilante the kept giving heroes a hard time to carry his little sister around" Hitoshi said standing up and dusting himself off. "well bye, i have to get home" he says starting to walk away. "wait a minute, i have to take care of something quick" i say. he stops a looks a little nervous like i'm going to do something to him. i put my sword away and tie op the thugs before messaging namamosa.

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