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"you ready?" Murda asked me

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"you ready?" Murda asked me.

I nodded my head , today was the baby shower/ gender reveal.

he decided to get ready with me which I didn't mind.

" my people should already be there" He told me fixing his watch.

"you told them to chill right?" I asked him.

it was my day and I didn't need his family ruining it.

they were grown acting childish.

"yeah i told you i was gone handle it" He said opening the door for me.

"you look so gorgeous" My mama smiled at me.

"thank you where's Cece?"

"she talking to some of Tobias cousin's"

"she being nice?" I laughed.

"same thing I said she right over there gone head, let's go boy we got things to do" She grabbed Tobias.

"cousinnn" i dragged walking over to her.

"you must be Te'lani, nice meeting you" A pretty brown skin said smiling at me.

"i am nice meeting you too i'm glad to know not all Tobias family is like his mama and sister" I shook my head.

"girl trust me that's just them everybody else is cool" Another girl said.

"I'm Saniya by the way"

"and i'm Taylin"

"i'm glad because I get tired of fighting" Cece said.

"she don't" I laughed .

"girls let's go we about to start playing games" My mama yelled.

we all walked over and she directed me to a chair.

"i just wanna know if i'm getting my son or not" Tobias looked at me.

"boy you gone find out impatient ass" I shook my head at him.


"fix yo' damn face" Jessie walked up looking at Tobias.

"get on somewhere this how i normally look" he mugged her.

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