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"man Brionna get the fuck on" I mugged her

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"man Brionna get the fuck on" I mugged her.

"no Tob- Murda" I corrected her.

"you fuck me then stop texting me? then you got some bitch pregnant are u serious?" she said with tears in her eyes.

I just stale faced her dumb ass.

she knew I wasn't even gone take her serious on that level ever again.

"what my babymama gotta do witchu gang?" I asked licking my lips outta habit.

"we were supposed to be together I know I fucked up" She yelled.

"nah fucking up is flirting with another nigga you let 2 niggas flip you" I scoffed.

"it wasn't tw- I saw the video lie again" I cut her off again.

all she knew how to do was lie.

should've been killed this bitch.

waste of space ass bitch.

li wig ass conniving ass bitch.

"you don't hear me?" she snapped her fingers in my face.

"mama get her" I looked over at my mama who was watching the scene with Jess and Tessa.

"boy these are your actions, Brionna messed up but stop mistreating her" she shook her head.

"the fact that y'all keep saying messed up like this bitch wasn't getting flipped on camera" I mugged the whole room.

"boy you cheated on her before" Tessa chimed in.

who knows why this stupid ass bitch still came around.

she watched Jess get jumped before and Jess being her dumb ass self kept being friends with her.

"bitch who said u can say anything? you a punk like yo' scary ass brother" I mugged her.

her brother was some nigga named Jordan.

he started some shit with us a while back then moved outta town.

"leave my brother out of it, he didn't do anything and don't have anything to do with this don't be mad because you let her cheat on you pussy ass" Tessa mumbled.

"ight y'all got it, can't wait til I see yo' brother" I nodded walking out the house.

whole house full of bitches with bird brains.

even my mama cluck ass.

fuck around and evict her ass.

"don't come up in here with a negative attitude untunnnn" Ju dragged.

"you gay as hell i'm tryna see how Cece deal with you" Wes mumbled.

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