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"i'm so ready to go home" I frowned seeing it was close to hitting 10

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"i'm so ready to go home" I frowned seeing it was close to hitting 10 .

I had been here see 8 this morning since we were understaffed.

"you can gone head and leave thank you baby" Dena the head nurse said.

I nodded and grabbed my things.

I had been here all day and now all I wanted to do was go see my cousin.

We haven't been hanging around as much and I wanted to fix that.

"Cece" I said walking into her house.

"hi Te" My auntie smiled at me.

"hey where Cece?" I asked her.

"upstairs with them girls" she rolled her eyes.

she didn't like anybody at all.

"be nice" I laughed walking up the stairs.

"damn baby killing me" I mumbled hearing laughing.

I opened the door and saw Cece , Saniya and Taylin on live.

"hey guys" I said making my presence known.

"hey girl" Saniya waved at me.

I smiled and Taylin didn't say nothing.

"Y'all look it's my cousin" Cece smiled hugging me.

"about time she came to see me I been feeling neglected"

"girl bye" I laughed.

"you just got off work?" Saniya asked.

"yes and i'm tired as hell" I shook my head.

"why you ain't go home?" Taylin asked.

I was kinda took back but chose to ignore it.

"because it's my house and if she wanna come she can" Cece eyed her.

"i'm just asking if she tired why not go home" Taylin shrugged.

"girl because she don't want too T calm down" Saniya laughed it off.

"i'll go home" I mumbled.

"if anything Taylin can leave you don't got too Te" Cece pouted.

"no it's fine besides I need to get some sleep anyways bye y'all" I waved at them.

"why you leaving you just got here" My auntie frowned.

usually when I came over I stayed for a while.

but I didn't want to deal with no bad vibes right now.

"just tired I love you auntie" I hugged her walking out the house.

my phone dinged and I saw it was Cece.

Cece 👯‍♀️♥️

i'm sorry about that I really didn't want you to leave, they both about to leave right now and i'll come over there I love u. ❤️

ok , and I love you too 😘😘.

I locked my phone and sighed pulling off.

hopefully there wasn't an issue between me and Taylin.

couldn't deal with nomore of Tobias family not liking me.

"welcome to Mcdonald's what can I get you?" The girl at the counter asked.

eat ts to much .

I told her me and Cece order and paid her.

"wassup Te" I looked back and saw Jordan.

I hadn't saw him in so long, he was my ex who moved away out of nowhere.

"hey how you been" I hugged him.

"i'm good just got back in town i'm glad i saw you first though" He smirked.

"that's good, where you staying?" I asked grabbing my change.

"with my mama till my apartment ready. it was good seeing you again let me get yo' number" He said pulling his phone out.

I thought about it and gave him my number.

"just as friends right?" I asked saving my number.

"yeah I heard you got one on the way" He laughed.

"yeah I do, but it was good talking to you text me" I said grabbing my food.

he got finer over time...

"guess who I saw today" I laughed.

"who ? don't say nobody stupid" Cece shook her head.

"Jordan" I said and her mouth dropped.

"girl his ugly ass, when he get back"

"he said he just got back , he looked cute though" I told her.

"Murda not letting you talk to nobody while you pregnant with his demon"

"girl not to much on my son"

"i'm just saying I hope you ain't finna be tryna talk to him" Cece shrugged.

"i'm not we only talking on a friend level he knows i'm pregnant" I rolled my eyes.

"I remembered Tessa is his sister" Cece scratched her head.

"who tessa?"

"this girl that be with Jess she let her get jumped so bad, and the still friends couldn't be me"

"I think I saw the video it was about 7 girls fighting Jess" I laughed.

it's not funny but...

"it was 10 and they was taking turns beating her ass, and the whole time Tessa watched"

"I never heard nun of her only Brionna" I told her.

"I met that bitch I was ready to punch her in her mouth" Cece threw our trash away.

"what happened?" I yawned it was going on 12 and I still haven't slept.

"girl so i'm with Ju at Murda house so we all chilling and then her and Jess walked in all loud. so keep in mind we had Ju daughter with us so she sleep in my lap and I told them stfu because they saw her sleeping" She started.

i nodded wanting her to continue.

"so girl Jess didn't say nothing she sat down but Brionna was the one to speak her mind, so she like oh idc about her sleeping why he got her around a bunch of adults anyways he a bad ass father, so before I can even hit the bitch Ju pulled me down i'm tryna see why he saving this bitch"

"whole time she known for calling the police and i'm to pretty to be a prison wife" she finished.

"i can't stand any of them if i'm being honest, the dudes are ok but all the girls are to messy" I closed my eyes.

"and is and that's why they gone get whooped everytime"

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