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2 months later :

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2 months later :

i frowned my face as I walked to the break room.

I sat down and looked at my ankles they were swollen and I was in pain.

"Te'lani what's going on?" Dena asked looking concerned.

"my ankles and feet are swollen i'm having a hard time even walking around at this point" I said on the verge of tears.

being towards the end of the pregnancy was stressing me out.

everybody was there to help but it was still overwhelming.

"why didn't you say something?" Dena asked.

"i need the money I thought I would be fine but i'm not"

"go home, i'll keep u clocked in until the end of your shift" She sent me a soft smile.

i stood to my feet slowly and hugged her.

"thank you i'll make it up to you" I said walking out slowly.

I pulled my phone out called Tobias seeing if he can come get me.

"what?" He answered.

"you sleep?" I asked him.

"i was what you need?"

"can u come get me from work? i can't drive right now" I asked sitting down in the waiting room.

"yeah send yo location" He said hanging up.

rude bitch.

"thank you for coming" I smiled putting my seatbelt on.

"was I not supposed to?" He asked .

"see u ruin everything" I dropped my smile rubbing my ankles.

"what's wrong with you anyways?" He looked over at me.

"my ankles are swollen and it's hard for me to move around that's why I didn't wanna drive"

"ight you want me to take you home or take you to my house?" He asked.

"which is closer?" I yawned.

"my house"

"ok we can go there" I told him.

he nodded turning down the street and I slumped in the seat closing my eyes.

damn baby got me tired all the time.

"come on" He shook my softly.

I opened my eyes and saw we were at his house.

i grabbed my crocs and got out da car.

everything got my fucking feet hurting.

should beat his ass.

got me carrying this fat ass baby.

"this really yo' fault, i'm sitting here in pain because of yo' fat ass baby" I rolled my eyes.

"not to much though not to mothafuckin much" he mugged me.

i texted my mama telling her where i was and the situation.

"you can go lay down i'll bring u something to drink" he told me.

I nodded and walked to his room and dropped my crocs.

i laid in his bed and instantly relaxed.

"hmm" he handed me a water.

"how you know I didn't want you on the floor?" He asked.

"because you not stupid" I sucked my teeth getting under the cover.

"come on so I can rub yo' fat ass ankles" He said grabbing my legs and pulling me closer to him.

he started rubbing my feet and ankles and I started dozing off.

"they look so cute" I heard.

I opened my eyes and saw Wes,Ju, Rod and Cece all standing at the edge of the bed.

"get out my damn house" Tobias mumbled.

"nigga wake up mad"

"go to sleep mad"

"like damn" Ju huffed.

"I need to get home I gotta study" I said standing up.

"girl i know you ain't sleep in no scrubs" Rod laughed.

"and did" I flicked him off.

"Cece u drove?"


"can you take me to get my car it's at the hospital" I asked.

"mhm let's go" She said grabbing her stuff.

"damn friend not even a goodmorning?" Ju walked behind me.

"boy y'all woke me up leave me alone" I laughed.

"you and yo' babydaddy rude hopefully y'all
spawn not like that" Ju huffed.

"stop calling my baby a demon" I mugged him and Cece.

"girl you seen who that little bastard daddy is"

"i'm sick of y'all" I laughed walking out the door.

"you talked to Jordan?" Cece asked as we got in the car.

"i think the last time we talked was when I was at work" I told her.

"watch out for him I don't trust him or his sister"

"Yeah i hear u" I said understanding what she was saying.

"you thought about baby names?"

"no but ik you have" I said as we got to the hospital.

"and did i'll tell you them when I see you again, i'm supposed to be spending the day with Ju" she told me.

i was happy she was happy with Ju.

they both made each other happy which I loved.

"ok thank you Ce" I got out the car.

I walked towards mines and got inside.

"i be to damn bored" I mumbled .

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