House Arrest

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The Same Night
Aizawa's Office

Aizawa: I'll issue your expulsion notice tomorrow, so pack your stuff, (Y/N).

Well, that's fucked up.

All Might: Woah, calm down, Aizawa-kun!

Deku: Just what did he do, sensei?!

Aizawa showed us a medical statement that belonged to Aiko.

Aizawa: You did all of this to Aiko while you're still uninjured after the fight ended.

Bakugou: Well, damn. Personal grudge?

Me:*shrugs my shoulder* Shake.

Aizawa: It's not "kinda", you were obviously overpowering her from the very start of the fight.

Kirizaya who stayed silent for this whole time then finally spoke.

Kirizaya: Isn't it useless, Aizawa?

Aizawa: What's your point?

Kirizaya: If you expel him, he'll still have permits to stay here since I took him as my personal student. And don't forget who makes me his personal tutor.

Aizawa stared at him for a few seconds.

Aizawa:*sighs* I really hate you.

Kirizaya: Well, it's settled then.

Me&Deku&Bakugou&All Might: Huh, wait, what happened? / Takana?

Kirizaya: (Y/N) is staying still as UA student.

We four*thought*: Huh, what the heck? Just like that?

Aizawa: Since I'm compromising, you won't be expelled, but you'll still get a punishment. House arrest for a week. You'll have to do all the chores together with those two. I also want a letter of apology from you.

Me*thought*: Damn.

Kirizaya: Well, it's better than being expelled.

Aizawa chocked me with his binding clothes.

Aizawa:*death stare* Do that again and you'll be expelled. I won't compromise for the second time.

Me: Sh-Shake...!

I answered while trying to catch my breath.

Aizawa: That's all! Go to bed now!

He said and let me go.

The Next Day
Living Room

Ashido: They got into a fight?!

Hagakure: House arrest~?!

Hagakure: House arrest~?!

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